Another Sons of Varnish Sighting – And A Mystery Boat Pop Quiz

Today we have another “Sons of Varnish Sighting” this time it’s fellow Woody Boater and boating celebrity Tyson “Stovebolt” Konency in his very cool 1961 Chris-Craft 17′ Ski Boat “MUZZY”. Stovebolt and his crew are out soaking up the fall sunshine on Osoyoos Lake, which is located in the southern Okanagan area of British Coumbia, Canada – right on the USA / Canada border. You can actually travel by boat into the USA as the lake extends south.

Another little known fact about this popular wine region of British Columbia, Canada – It is considered to be the only natural desert in Canada. This area is part of the Great Basin Desert, part of the network of deserts that extend southward to the Sonoran Desert in Mexico. In fact, the plants and animals here are the same as those found in the higher elevations of the Mexican portion of this desert. Because it’s located in the desert, Osoyoos Lake is considered to be the warmest lake in Canada…

Enough geography lessons for today, here’s Stovebolt and his crew out in the old Ski Boat ripping around Osoyoos Lake … looks like fun.

Sons of Varnish crew Jason & Ashley

Below, Woody Boater – Amy. Tyson’s celebrity status comes in part from being a Board of Director with the Okagangan Chapter of the ACBS in Western Canada. He also manages a custom car website.

We know this lake well, and I bet you can hear the sweet sound of the Chevrolet V-8 in Stovebolt’s Chris-Craft echo off the adjacent mountains on the lake. Have a great weekend on the lake everybody! – Texx

Stovebolt is from the west coast of British Columbia in a town named Langley, a beautiful suburb just east of Vancouver, BC.

Our mystery boat today was also built on the west coast of British Columbia. Can anyone tell us who built these? This is a Saturday morning Pop-Quiz. Answer later if nobody gets it right. (You can click on the photo to enlarge it, if you think it will help solve the mystery)


Answer to Pop-Quiz:

It’s a 1955-57 Fleetwing 21’ Cabin Cruiser.

In 1955, Les Withey (owner of Withey’s Shipyard in Silva Bay, Gabriola Island, B.C.) built 10 or 12 Fleetwing pleasure craft 21-foot cabin cruisers, powered by outboards.

They were very modern looking with “fins” like the cars of the day and one was on display at Simpsons Sears retail store (now called Sears) in Nanaimo, B.C. (on nearby Vancouver Island).

The biggest outboards then were 50 hp Johnson or Evinrudes and Withey’s shipyard was a Johnson outboard dealer, displaying one in the chandlery, though they didn’t sell that well.

The above photo of the 21’ Fleetwing was taken in the shipyard in May 1957

Les Withey with two Withey’s Shipyard naval vessels – Circa 1952

Historical information and photos (above) courtesy – Jenni Gehlbach / Gabriola Historical and Museum Society.


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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I thought Tyson was world famous because of his Muzzy YouTube videos. Listening to Muzzy’s V8 is a great way to maintain your sanity while waiting for your engine to be rebuilt.

  2. Stovebolt
    Stovebolt says:

    HAHA! Jason, the fellow presenting himself to our friend Ashley, is getting married to the blonde, Melissa in the above picture. Its deffinatly a lovely setting for a wedding……oh, and I just looked out the door at the lake, and it’s glass again!

    Hmmmm, I wonder how much boating I can get in before the ceremony……gotta go!!

  3. Stovebolt
    Stovebolt says:

    Ditto Alex, and she is from New Zealand, so add that accent. That will help more with your weakness. Haha! She’s an awesome lady!

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