Antique Boat America Hits Milestone!

Thats some huge numbers for this hobby.

This is the weekend that Antique Boat America may break over 15 million visitors. 15 million.. That’s a huge number. With a boat load of content and cool boats for sale. Antique Boat America is one of the juggernauts of the Woody Web world of antique & Classic boats. Congrats to Peter Mellon and the gang! Great work.. Click on the link and watch the counter, you might be the lucky 15th million one.

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  1. anonymus
    anonymus says:

    ABA/ABC…..A great place to browse and find lots of boats. Someday I will make it to their showroom on route 12.

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    If it wasn’t for ABA there would have been 15 million people trying to sneak into private garages to get a look at our beauties. Thank you ABA for keeping the hordes off my property.

    Hey here’s a new word for the dictionary-WoodyBoater Whoreds. Great masses that will spend large amounts of money for the fleeting pleasure of hopefully not sinking in some old wood thats been screwed in multiple places.

    • Mark
      Mark says:

      ABA is a non exclusive listing service – many folks will choose to list their boats in a handful of places to promote exposure.

  3. anonymous
    anonymous says:

    I like dealing with Herb and Jim at Antique Boat Center. They don’t ride you like a car salesman.

  4. anonymous
    anonymous says:

    What irks me is when they show SOLD boats that they did not even sell, rather than just removing the listing that probably was not legitimate in the first place.

  5. Chris
    Chris says:

    There are advantages to being able to veiw all listings on one site,,,,you get to see them all on one site. It has the best search engine to locate specific boats and models and it gives pretty accurate discriptions for prosective sellers to see market asking prices. Now if they had the real selling price posted for the sold boats, they would have the valuation guide everyone has been waiting for.

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