Antique Boat Center Is Officialy On The Move!

How cool is that? A new water tank to float your boat!Or a very strange lap pool, or a very strange hot tub.. HOT TUB, Goot God, Hot tub! take it away James! Goot god!

We interrupt Classic Plastic week for an update on the Antique Boat Centers move to its new HQ. Remember this weekend you can party likes its 2012 there and help be part of the first mobile boat show.. Stay tuned for more updats.

It must be real, the sign is up..

The big guy Dennis Ryan in the pink head gear. its a look for sure. It says. Hey back off Woody, I have been up for 3 weeks without sleep getting this togeter. I will wear whatever does not smell. Until it smells, then i will put on this pink sweat rag..

And now back to Plastic classic week. More fun plastic stuff coming.

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Take me to the bridge, good gawd, I need some horns, can I get some horns, Ahhh hit me now.

    What exactly do they plan on doing with that tank? Verifying if the boats really float? Repainting the water line in EXACTLY the right location? Test running engines because they lost their hose?

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