Antique Boat Center Launches Classified Section!

ABC Classified

Now for just under 5 bucks you can post your own classified ad on the Antique Boat Centers website. This is HUGE! Antique Boat Center has the largest web presence in the world regarding the topic of Classic boat sales. This allows you for just $4.99 to post your ad on there. Now, you don’t get the help of a broker, but you can take advantage of the eyeballs and clicks. Now, of course this brings up the topic. How to place a classified ad that actually helps you. We have seen some train wrecks out there, bad pictures, bad descriptions, bad pricing.. All that stuff. Here is a reminder story that we did back in 2009 about the trading dock.. It still rings true. Click HERE.  Here are some simple rules that you should follow that stand the test of time.

1. Take good pictures. All angles, front, back, sides, engine, interior. Trailer.

2. All pictures should be outside, not in a shed, parts, dark etc.

3. Write the history of the boat. All the way back if you know it.

4. Be honest about the condition. The buyer will find it out anyway. So at least be honest up front.

5. Price it to the market, not to your restoration cost. Be realistic.

6. Be available, be responsive on email.

7. Have other pictures available. Yes I know your pictures are good enough, but asking for more pictures is a way to take the next step and feel out the seller. If you are a pain about it, expect to end the conversation.

8. If a well known person restored it, brag about it, same goes for the motor, gauges, etc.

Good luck, this is the time to list if you are doing so. Folks are starting to look around.

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  1. Mark Christensen
    Mark Christensen says:

    I JUST sold my boat on there. I wish I could have used the classifieds instead. Would have saved a ton of money.

  2. RRG
    RRG says:

    I like it! I wish the Chris Craft club would do something like it…It doesn’t make sense to spent $10 to sell small parts…but I think we could all benefit from some sort of class boat classifieds, so we don’t have to scour craigslist and ebay every day.

  3. Sheila Davis
    Sheila Davis says:

    Hey guys… Sheila here from Antique Boat Center. Happy to answer any questions you may have about our new “Classifieds” section. Being inundated with calls daily from folks wanting to sell parts, memorabilia, lower priced boats, etc. we strongly felt there was a need for a place like this where boat enthusiasts can use the power of our site to make some money for themselves. Our angle? Make some money then come buy a boat from us! LOL 🙂

  4. Sheila Davis
    Sheila Davis says:

    In response to Ronald, there is no commission involved. The only cost is $4.99 to list the item for 90 days. Our site. Your sale. They will contact you (the seller) directly about the item. We saw this as a true need given that we get dozens and dozens of calls daily from people with parts, motors, collectibles and boats that don’t make sense to list given our commission scale. Of course, we make a little on the $4.99 list fee but really the main idea was to provide a service to the boating community!

  5. MikeM
    MikeM says:

    It’s a great idea and there’s definitely a need for it. Something to note is that boats need be priced at $7500 or less. So something like Alex’s XK would be perfect, but an award winning Arabian….. we’d need Dennis to help on that one.

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