Are We, I Dare Say, Close To Hagerty Last Gasp In A Couple Weeks?


Photo of fall, Brad Thornburg

Wow, did this summer zip by fast. This weekend despite the predicted cold blast we are going to run “WECATCHEM” one last run for the season. Now in Virginia, there is more time, but our plan is to have the trusty “W” rebuilt, so she is getting hauled on Sunday and another summer of Woody Boating will come to an end for us.


Fall colors make very nice photos. Like this sweet Lauderbach on Gull Lake – photo Brad Thornburg


Ohhh that’s cold. A last Gasper from years ago from Bryan Toye.

What about you? Are you going to make one last gasp this weekend? Next Weekend?

Chris Craft Fall Colors

An amazing last gasp from the MBBW guys from several years ago.

Sandusky Header

Fall Color runs are a great way to gasp last

So this weekend get your shots ready, Hagerty each year has a snazzy award and a Woody Boater Hat to winners of our annual Last Gasp Week in Two Weeks. Hagerty would also like to remind you that  just because your not in the water, you should keep your insurance all year. Stuff happens in storage just as much as it does on the water. If you have some great shots save them for the big week ahead, if you dont yet, you have two weeks to shoot some Gasp goodness.

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  1. John Bailey
    John Bailey says:

    At the very north tip of Door County, this ride happened three weeks ago. Most boats every boat, whether wood or plastic, is out of the water, except those awaiting the sling at the yard So for the contest and considering the quickly changing season in Door and even in Hagerty’s backyard, do DN iceboats count…they are wood?

    • Jack Schneiberg
      Jack Schneiberg says:

      Just south of Door County, we are expecting highs in the low 40’s today and tomorrow. With the exception of the aforementioned wood ice boats – IT’S ALL OVER FOR THIS YEAR!. And we were just in Minnesota a few weeks ago soaking up …….the FALL FOG.

  2. Sean
    Sean says:

    Our last gasp was early this year. It was last weekend. A nice warm day with sun and big puffy clouds. With fellow Woodyboater Rich Hughes in his beautiful 21′ Greavette and our 18′ Greavette we cruised the chain of 3 lakes in Huntsville, Ontario along the connecting old steamboat channels. Although, the colours were not at their peak… they were still spectacular! Muskoka does not disappoint.

    This week, the boat has been cleared of everything, upholstery cleaned, drained, “anti-freezed”, fogged, greased, oil & filter(s) changed, battery off, bilge cleaned, trailer greased and … tucked away in hibernation.

    So, no great “last gasp” story from us this year 🙁

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    You Virginia guys are way late with last gasping. Boats are in the barn already enjoying a winter slumber. We are looking at a heavy frost this weekend with full on winter shortly after that. I am with John, does a DN count? But that would be more of a first gasp…hmmmm.

  4. Craig Judge
    Craig Judge says:

    Columbus Day last gasp on my buddys XK22. Temps around 70, very little traffic on the lower CT River, and no jet skis(river lice) to speak of. Heaven.

  5. Craig Judge
    Craig Judge says:

    The 78′ Chris Craft Lancer Stinger(one of 23) is in her holding cell for now awaiting her winter refresh.

  6. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    As Bill John says above, Come on down !..Weather here, even in North Florida in 80’s today…great boating weather. Even a little farther north you can lift the engine box a little and let the manifold heat warm the cockpit.

  7. Briant
    Briant says:

    The photo of Zoomer was taken on the 18th of October, but that year there was water in the river. The depth of the water at the local ramp at the end of the docks this year…..6 inches. And yesterday, it was 80 deg here. Will have to think up a new trick for this year’s last gasp event….

  8. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    The little Lake N Sea is tucked always among her big brothers for the winter. I am holding out for one more cruise in the Coronado late next week. Michigan is to have some 60 degree weather then.
    Getting a set of Bennett Electric “BOLT” trim tabs installed on Monday, and I want to try them out before I put her away for the winter

  9. Rdaley
    Rdaley says:

    It’s been hot in Vegas even for them low to mid 90s
    Boated 112 miles on lake mead on Monday.
    From Calville Bay Down to temple bar and then up the Colorado as far as you could go. Truly spectacular I have never traveled on glass like this for so long. The return trip 56 miles I saw 4 boats so very little boat wash.
    The day before did the trip from Calville Bay all the way north to Overton and back about the same mileage but not quite as calm as it was Sunday and there were more boats out thus more boat wash,still a great ride with great views wild Burrows, Bighorn sheep, (lee Anderson did not shoot them all).
    Truly 2 days 10 hours of fantastic boating and we do this all winter long here in Vegas Baby.

  10. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    It was 85 degrees last Sunday in Minneapolis and right across the border at our cabin in Balsam Lake, Wisconsin. My son and I took Rabbit for a long afternoon cruise and it seemed like half the people who still had their boats in the water were out. Two boats were even towing tubers, as the water is still that warm. A perfect end to a perfect Spring, Summer and Fall here in the land of Woods & Water.

  11. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Water Lily came off the lift, got winterized and tucked in the barn last weekend. Tiger Lily got the same treatment today, and is now in the barn for the winter. 30F tonight and high of 48F tonight. Sadly, boating has come to an end in Michigan.

  12. Steve Anderson
    Steve Anderson says:

    Last weekend I took ‘On a Whim’ my fiberglassic 1990 CC Concept 198 out for the last ride up the St Clair river to warm the oil before changing it. It was a beautiful day, no other boats on the water except for the duck hunters. Smooth as glass, could steer with one finger at wide open throttle. She is getting one more coat of wax and still need to change the lower unit oil before it gets put away for the winter. I also made a commitment to my ’56 Continental 18′ and should have a new bottom on it for spring 2016!

  13. Mike
    Mike says:

    Although the daytime highs will bounce in the 40s-60s for a couple more weeks, the following from the NWS says it all – and right on time.



  14. Phil Jones
    Phil Jones says:

    This was another test run with “PURPLE HAZE” on Wed. 10/14 ( high of 76 degrees, sunny and breeze, but the big Shepherd likes alittle white caps:):) ))3840 RPM at 42 MPH. New prop should boost her to 4400 RPM @ 52 MPH, and she is wicked fast now. Just got to hit top end one time then I’ll slow down:):):) Oct & Nov. our best boating months.

    Like riding in a flying brick

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