Big Foots A Woody Boater. But Do They Make Crocs In His Size?


This very rare un-retouched photo was sent to me. The image was taken up near Lake Osoyoos in Southern British Columbia. It’s real and whats more amazing is that apparently, Big Foot, is a classic boater. Who would have thought? In a million years I would have never put him in a classic boat. If you look on the web, there are sightings of him fly fishing, as a tourist in Mexico.. But never with any hint of a hobby. It looks like he just came from a show, or some sort of a meeting with Hagerty Marine Insurance. It’s nice to know that he is at least thinking of insurance.. Also this image tells me that he clearly is domesticated, since Classic boating magazine is great for bathroom reading. It just goes to show you…I wonder how he keeps his hair out of the wet varnish… man that must be a pain…. Now all we need is an image of Joe Martel.. Dang…

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Of course he's a WoodyBoater! All the trees out there, and old growth at that! How would he ever have fiberglass supplies delivered. I suspect that the stuff he's carrying has been swiped from mailboxes which would explain why you never see anything addressed to him and why I'm missing my current Brass Bell.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Well, Big Foot's not domesticated all that much. For one, the magazine may be going to his bathroom but not for reading purposes, he uses it one page at a time for another purpose (like G-ma & G-pa used to do). For another, the Hagerty bag isn't because he's aware they provide the best insurance deals for collectors, it's his bathroom.

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