Big Man In Woodyboaterville…

Here I was all bad ass with my 4 wheel drive and my snow shovel. I put on my boots, the ones I have had to wear one other time 3 years ago. I had to dig through moving boxes for gloves, and I put on my down jacket from college…Yes I am in my 50’s… And it kinda fit around one arm… So out I go to the office to dig out. Me and my shovel. The snow is easily 20 inches deep, below is a shot of the shovel in the snow in front of my office…4 hrs later and some help from the body shop guy close by, we were all done. I came into the office to boot up all the systems and make sure the roof had not caved in…While checking my email, I got an email from fellow woody boater Jim Staib of Fine Wood Boats… DEAR GOD! My manhood quickly disappeared and I was reminded of the joy of winters up north. I tip my lame ass girlie hat to all of you up in the snow states.

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  1. Chris
    Chris says:

    Yes, it must be the global warming messing things up….I have one of those snow gages in my driveway, and while blowing snow with my tractor last year, caught the extension cord running from the house to the grainery….had no idea, until I noticed the saw that it was plugged into approaching from starboard at an alarming rate of speed…make note, a 42" snow blower will chew up and throw a skil saw about 15' once the power cord has been hacked to pieces….

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