BLACK FRIDAY HINT DAY! Great Gift Ideas For Your Woody Boater?

Engine Chris Craft

An engine rebuild is the perfect gift that just keeps on going!

Today is of course Black Friday, a day where throngs of board people flock to the malls and generally make life hell, and officially start the shopping for loved ones. So today we decided to write a story that you can share on Facebook and in email to your loved ones that are in hell trying to buy something for you. So from this point on, the story is written from every Woody Boaters Point of view. And trust us here Mrs Magilicuty, the feeling is universal.

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Fresh Chrome! Pure Gold

So what do I really want for the holidays? A boat part! A trailer, a 3 inch copper exhaust pipe. A restored Steering wheel. How about a gift certificate to a Chrome Job? Or what about new flags for the boat? Trust me, I don’t need a book, or poster, or any normal stuff like that. Plus what ever you find in that area I already know about and really don’t need. What I really need is a couple coats of varnish on my boat.


The Antique Boat Center will put together a little set of stuff to keep his, her boat brite

Want to make something? A special hand made Fuel stick? How about the correct Vintage Fire Extinguisher for my boat? Reservations at a hotel in Lake Dora for the weekend? A new interior. And if you are really going for broke. How about a BOAT! Thats right. You know that’s always a dream. A new Toyota in the driveway for him or her aint gonna fly, secretly, but you park a 19ft barrel Back in the driveway and trust me, that will do the trick. BE CAREFUL! If you are buying a Barrel Back for your Boatress instead of the new BMW convertible. That may backfire. So this is really for your loved ones to read, NOT YOU! Stop reading. OK, now back to more gift ideas. How about a cool t shirt from our store? Or a painting from Darrel Bush.


OK, this is no ordinary art. There is a a bunch out there and all our Sponsors sell cool prints. What makes this Woody Boater worthy? You can add a name on the back of the boat. Cool? You bet. Makes it Gift able for sure. Darrell Bush is amazing and the site is loaded with cool stuff. Click Here and shop away.. Not sure of time needed for this, so act fast!

A bottom Job? Sounds like a strange gift idea. But trust me, you give him a card that says he gets a bottom job at Fill in the blank place, and he will love you long time. Here is a gift card.


Here is the truth, you can click on any banner here on Woody Boater and there is a gift idea there. What about a set of rebuilt Gauges from Mark Clawson? Or how about this. Are you ready… FASTENERS!  You just tell Ron what sort of boat you have and he may know what you need. OK, maybe a Reed And Prince screw set is a bit strange. But if he is about to start working on the boat, a gift card from any supplier would be nice.


You know in heart these are the sorts of gifts they will treasure, because its what they really want. Did his or her boat come with an odd hard to find option? We are usually 6 degrees of separation from finding it. Image the shock and smile when you found a 6 volt bilge pump! Trust me, Sounds funny, but WOW!

Sportsman Cushion

Vintage Boat Cushions are on ebay all the time and make a fantastic little something something for a boat. The Mariners Museum has all the original documents for your boat. Does he or she have these yet? Old factory photos on great photo paper. You can buy a Essential Guide from the Museum.


Its a reprint, and is around $50 at the Museum, not $700 like some of the older out of print ones. If you can find an original one, its a treasure. Expect to pay these days, $50 – $200 if you can find them. They are out there.


The first run copy is in Blue. There is a signed one on Ebay today for 99 bucks.

Every Chris Craft owner should have one. Yes, it’s a book, but its also a guide which elevates it from a picture book.

A case of foam brushes and varnish. Trust me, you can never have enough foam brushes or rags. New Linoleum / Rubber flooring! Stop laughing. If you family boats is shot, this simple detail will make it look like the million bucks it cost to restore. A neat vintage paddle? Wood Boat Hook?


For some reason and ACE bucket is the choice, not sure why?

OK, this one requires some work, but shows love and effort.  Go to ACE HARDWARE and buy a 5 Gallon Empty Bucket with a lid. KEEP READING …OK, then buy some Vinegar and a spray bottle. ( PERFECT VARNISH CLEANER) A small brush, and small can of varnish,( TOUCH UP ) some seat belt lamb skin covers, ( THESE COVER LINES AT POINTS that (THEY TOUCH BRITE WORK ) and Chamois ( DRY OFF BOAT ) Why the 5 Gallon Bucket? Its a safety last ditch bailing tool, and holds all the cleaning stuff, and can be used to flush out salt water in the engine. AND, for the extra effort, Find a matching dated boat license plate and screw it to the lid. Or have the lid lettered with the boat name?


Phils 5 gallon bucket saved his boat. not his back! But did the trick

And of course, if all else fails, we have insurance,  Back up Gift Ideas for Classic Boaters from Hagerty Marine Insurance all in bold. Woody Boater added the links and snide remarks. – Ben Walmer, Hagerty

•    Club Membership – Perfect opportunity to join the boat club you’ve been scoping out. and Chris- Craft Antique Boat Club
•    Boating Magazine Subscription – Keep up on current news and trends within the boating community. Classic Boating Magazine facebook page. Or call them on this thing called a phone. Ask the operator after you wind up your phone, or something called mail?
•    Life Jacket/Flotation Vest – Make sure you have enough life jackets on board and that they’re in good condition. That simple decision might save a life. Don’t Forget the 4 legged crew!
•    Lines – One of the most overlooked items for any boater; don’t wait until you need one to find out how valuable they are. Antique Boat Center and Sierra boat Co, have some very cool matching colored lines. Makes a great looking gift as well.
•    Charitable Donation – The holidays are a time for giving, and there is no better way to support the classic boating lifestyle than to make a donation to a museum or foundation focused on preserving historic vessels.
•    Dry Bag/Case – We all know someone who has dropped their cell phone into the water – you may have done it yourself. Protect your phone – and your wallet – with a waterproof bag or case.
•    GoPro Camera and Case – You don’t have to be a California movie director to capture great action shots. With a GoPro camera and waterproof case, you can shoot video of your boat cutting through the water from on the deck or below the hull.
•    GPS – Make those three-hour tours a little less stressful with GPS to guide you home quickly and safely.

If for some reason you cant find an idea here, post a comment? This is a creative group. OR if you have a wish for what you may want? Post it. Santa is reading today! And share the link with your loved ones!


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  1. mike
    mike says:

    when you say small cans of varnish, what size are you referring to? In Canada we cannot get anything less then 1 litre; thanks for any suggestions

  2. Bill Hammond
    Bill Hammond says:

    Certificates redeemable for X # of Hours of Sanding, Varnishing, Polishing, Cleaning help without complaint is always a good one and the price is right!! Not to mention the bonding time!! Great from Kids or Spouse! Heck, even your Brother-In-Law!!

  3. Alex
    Alex says:

    Of course, if you screwed up and feel compelled to offer a guilt gift, nothing says I’m eternally sorry quite like a Matthews Martinique. Come to think of it, it would also make a great alternative to an engagement ring.

  4. John Lisicich
    John Lisicich says:

    Aloha and Happy Black Friday! Hope everyone gave Thanks for another year of blessings! I’m thinking a really nice banjo wheel or gauge restoration would be perfect! Oh, and if anyone wants to really go overboard, so to speak, how about a restored cover girl Fairliner Torpedo? It would look so GREAT at someone’s dock! Make every day thanksgiving!

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