Boat Racing In Clayton This Week – Launching Their Boat Racing Movie Next Week

Vintage Miss Canada III Image

It’s an exciting time right now for fellow Woody Boaters Jamie Smith & Harry Wilson – More like an exciting YEAR for these two. If you have been following the updates on Woody Boater for the last year, you know that Jamie Smith (Executive Producer – Harold & Lorna) and Harry Wilson (President Muskoka Film Works) have been working hard on the upcoming film Harold & Lorna, World Water Speed Champions which is set to officially premiere on Aug 22/23 next week.

It’s much more than a movie about boat racing, it’s better described as the history of a dedicated and successful racing family from Canada.

So what do true race boat enthusiasts do a few days before their offical film premiere? Well – They go down to Clayton, New York to participate in the huge 2012 Antique Raceboat Regatta this weekend. They will be running “Miss Canada III” – which Harry describes as a “true” replica of the original “Miss Canada III” which is displayed at the Clayton Museum. And Harry should know, as his family (Haraold, Lorna and the Wilson family) ran the “Miss Canada” race boat team back in the 1930’s, 40’s & 50’s… Thus Harry’s connection to the Harold & Lorna Film.

The “Miss Canada III” replica (shown below) they are piloting this weekend in Clayton is powered by a 740 HP Keith Black Hemi and is owned by Bobby Genovese who is also the owner of the original “Miss Canada IV” currently in the final stages of a major restoration at Tom Adam’s Boat Shop in Gravenhurst, Ontario. You can see some farm fresh photos of that project at the end of this story today…

Miss Canada III – Photo Courtesy Toronto Chapter ACBS

We communicated by e-mail with both Jamie & Harry from the event in Clayton, New York late last night, here’s a few of their comments…

Texx – We got blown out today, but tomorrow is looking much better. Of course, we slightly brain-damaged Canadians still went out and did a couple of hot laps. I now have 1st hand understanding why the papers of the late 30s and 40s referred to my parents’ favourite boat as “the silken smooth Miss Canada III”. She handled rolling whitecaps with aplomb. Tomorrow we go roundy-round! – Harry

Jamie e-mailed – The Friday events at the Antique Boat Museum were “blown out” due to high winds/wave action and cancelled. The Saturday weather looks very favorable with all drivers anxious to get out on the course. The day starts with a drivers meeting at 7:00 am and first events starting shortly there after.

The “Miss Canada III” drivers, Harry Wilson and Norm Woods did take MC III out this afternoon to test the boat and provide some “noise” for the crowd. The crowd watched and cheered loudly as they braved the rough water. The boat looked great and ran well. – Jamie Smith

A great shot from the Clayton Museum on Friday of Buddy Byers surrounded by “Miss Canada III” crew: Jamie, Buddy, Harry, Norm Woods…

Jamie, Buddy, Harry & Norm – Miss Canada III Crew

And another shot with Norm sitting in Buddy’s Chrysler Queen race boat. Smiles all around!

Buddy Byers II

Thanks guys, and we hope you have a fun, safe day in Clayton today!

Canadian Premiere of Harold & Lorna,
World Water Speed Champions

In October 1950, with the world watching, Canada’s racing sweethearts took aim at the world water speed record. Having exceeded the record once, the team was intent on shattering the “impossible” 200-mph barrier… The Gravenhurst Opera House is proud to host the Premiere of Muskoka Film Works’ new film about Harold & Lorna Wilson, the Muskoka team that put Canada on the world racing map.

The official premiere of Harold & Lorna, World Water Speed Champions will be held on Wednesday, August 22 at the Gravenhurst Opera House, (in Gravenhurst, Ontario) and the movie will also screen on Thursday, August 23rd at the Opera House. Although the Thursday screening it is not a gala event like the 22nd, that evening is also a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity Muskoka… and yes, we will be partying afterwards! – Jamie Smith

The docudrama is a unique blend of dramatic invention, interviews with people who knew the Wilson Racing Team, historic footage, photographs and news stories.

Here’s the offical press release from Muskoka Film Works.

The premiere evenings are a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity Muskoka, there is no charge for the tickets, but we hope to raise enough money to build 3 kids’ bedrooms in a Habitat Home. Tickets are still available for the August 23rd screening and can be reserved by calling the Gravenhurst Opera House box office.

Local calls: 705.687.5550 Ext. #21 / Toll Free: 888.495.8888

You can also find more information at the Gravenhurst Opera House by Clicking Here.

Miss Canada IV Restoration Update

In conjunction with the development of the Harold & Lorna docudrama, the team is also in the final stages of completely restoring the original “Miss Canada IV” Greavette multi-step hydroplane. The Tom Adams Boat Shop in Gravenhurst, Ontario is heading up this remarkable restoration project.

The completed bottom just prior to final paint…

And the bottom after final paint was completed just a few days ago…

The restored 3,000 HP Rolls-Royce Griffon engine for “Miss Canada IV” arrived from Peter Grieves at Flight Engineering in the UK in late July.

Jamie Smith commented – “Peter’s work on the engine looks fantastic. Seeing the engine “live”, it’s size plus the gearbox etc is breathtaking. I can’t wait to hear it run! The bottom work on the boat is finally done and once the paint is dry, we turn the boat over.

The boat will then be moved to Tom’s new “clean room” for installation / fitting the huge engine so that we can align the shaft angle and fit the old rudder, prior to making the new rudder which will be a few inches deeper. I would expect that this will take until mid to late August. After that Tom has to complete the topside work, install all the mechanicals, the fuel and ADI tanks, hardware, etc.

The 4 in the picture, left to right are, Jamie Smith, Harry Wilson Mark Wetheram and Tom Adams. The picture was taken on July 23rd, the day the engine arrived at Toms shop. – Jamie

Thanks Jamie & Harry for the update on the Harold & Lorna docudrama and this impressive restoration project. We are looking forward to seeing the both the film and the boat later this summer.


Miss Canada IV Record Run – 172 MPH

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  1. Texx
    Texx says:

    The unique boat in today’s header is Dave Olson’s “Thunderchick” – a 2003 36′ Stone Boat Yard Commuter powered by twin Chevrolet V-8’s.

    With Chief Judge Terry Fiest at the helm and Tim Robinson assisting, Don Ayers & I were along to capture some photos and video as the boats left the Sierra Boat Company Marine for the “Roar Off” on Saturday during the Lake Tahoe Concours.

    It was a fun afternoon on Lake Tahoe…

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    How do I find out when and where the movie is playing in the Detroit area. I have my popcorn ready!

  3. Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith says:

    Miss Canada III ran well to-day in perfect weather conditions in two Gold Cup demonstration runs in front of a large crowd of spectators. The boats in both heats out on a great show.

    After the days events were over and the course was closed for the day the team did some pr work and took two daughters whose father participated in the event out for a ride … smart move Harry!

    The boat is loaded on its trailer and we’ll head home early tomorrow and get ready for our premire on Wednesday night and the showing on Thursday.

    Exciting times! The next big event is getting MC IV in the water. Stay tuned, next week we’ll turn the boat and start installing the engine.

  4. Wilson Wright
    Wilson Wright says:

    Nuther great story that brings back memories. I had my 19′ Chris Craft Racer there for the regular show 20 years ago. Museum Director, Bill Danforth, says “You have to leave here for the inaugural Race Boat Regatta three weeks from now..” “Bill, it’s not a race boat”, I said. “Well it is our first such show and it has “Racer” in it’s name” he says. So we left it at John Freeman’s place and went back for the event. A Florida boy getting that boat up river from Alex Bay to Clayton, sans charts, is another story. John was there with Miss Atlas Van Lines. It was a great weekend…Wish I could have gone back for the 20th anniversary.

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