Boats! Boats! Boats! – In Ohio! California! & Michigan!

2015 spring meeting_0001

2015 Century Boat Club Spring Membership Gathering at Antique Boat Center

SPRING IS IN THE AIR and although (officially) the Spring Equinox doesn’t start until March 20th this year – classic boaters from around the country are beginning to “think spring.” Here at Woody Boater we can actually measure this just by the number of reports and event notices that are starting to come in on the good-old Interweb.

Today we have two important event reminders and a Live-ish report from our good friends at the Southern California ACBS Chapter – where they simply ignore winter. – Texx

Century Boat Club Spring Membership Gathering

First up is the 2015 Century Boat Club Spring Membership Gathering presented by Antique Boat Center in Cincinnati, Ohio – March 21, 2015. Any time you have fellow Woody Boater Tommy Holmes, the Century Boat Club and Antique Boat Center involved – that’s a guaranteed recipe for a good time.

And if you own a classic Century boat, these guys can answer any question you can throw at them. For more information on this spring event, Tommy’s contact info is on the (above) event poster (Which by the way is very cool). Of course you can also contact the Antique Boat Center via their website.

Century Resorter

Dan Mulheran and family out enjoying their classic fiberglass Century Resorter in Minnesota. (Dane Anderson photo)

Next up we have a great Live-ish report that came in yesterday from fellow Woody Boater Maggi Cassell at the 44th Annual Dana Point Festival of Whales – a celebration of spring SoCal style. Dana Point is about an hour north (depending on traffic), up the Pacific Coast from San Diego.

Greetings from California!

With no intent to cause envy in our fellow Woody Boaters encased in snow on the East Coast, we report to you from gorgeous, sunny, 78 degree Dana Point, CA.

Dana Point 1

The annual Festival of Whales is on, and our SoCal ACBS Chapter is displaying our boats along the walkway that leads past the marina, between the art show and the vintage woody car display.

Dana Point 2

Dana Point 3

Dana Point 4

We anticipate many hundreds of folks will stroll by today, and we look forward to telling everyone about our classic boats all day long, in the glorious California sunshine! – Maggi Cassell

Dana Point 5

The Southern California ACBS membership maintains a remarkable range of antique & classic boats, both wood and fiberglass.

2015 Boats on the Boardwalk

Last – but certainly not least today is the popular Boats on the Boardwalk event in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan – Presented by the Water Wonderland ACBS Chapter on August 1st, 2015.

Boardwalk - Copy

Some history from the Water Wonderland Chapter website – On June 8, 1987, the first organizational meeting of the Water Wonderland Chapter/ACBS was held in Traverse City, Michigan. The chapter charter was presented to Dennis Mitchell, first chapter president, at the inaugural winter meeting on February 20, 1988. As an historical note, prior to its organization as a chapter of ACBS, this organization had been organized as the Long Lake Wooden Boat Club.

Boats on the Boardwalk 1

Boats on the Boardwalk – Photo courtesy Water Wonderland Chapter Gallery.

Although the Water Wonderland Chapter was founded in Traverse City (northwest region of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula), its members not only hail from throughout the state, but across the Midwest. Our predominant “market”, however, tends to be the western and northern portions of the Lower Peninsula, along with the entire Upper Peninsula.

Accordingly, chapter officers and directors make a concerted effort to plan events throughout the region, as to not only appeal to the entire membership, but to visit new and unexplored locales.

Boats on the Boardwalk 2

Boats on the Boardwalk – Photo courtesy Water Wonderland Chapter Gallery

On the first Saturday of August since 1987, is the Classic Boats on the Boardwalk. For those unfamiliar with Traverse City, it is located at the foot of Grand Traverse Bay (on Lake Michigan). Beginning at West Bay and continuing through the downtown business district is the Boardman River.

Construction of a boardwalk along a large expanse of the river year’s back provided the perfect location for which to display our historic, antique and classic boats. From 35-60 boats have lined the riverbank, allowing thousands of residents and tourists alike to enjoy this unique display of watercraft at no charge.

Boats on the Boardwalk 3

Boats on the Boardwalk – Photo courtesy Water Wonderland Chapter Gallery

For more information on the Water Wonderland Chapter and the various events & shows they organize throughout the year, you can check out their great website by clicking HERE. They also have an active Facebook page at Water Wonderland ACBS Chapter.

Looking forward to spring – Texx

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  1. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    If I read the calendar right, looks like Tommy Holmes and the Antique Boat Center are going to have a busy week with the Century show one weekend and Tavares the next.

  2. Mike K
    Mike K says:

    do these boats in california not float? i mean there is water right next to them!

    us northerners need to see what what we are missing, how about some videos of some open pipes pushing that first bit of water though them.

    guess im just jonesing. cant wait til dora

    • Brian Robinson
      Brian Robinson says:

      That particular water is pretty salty. Not the worst thing for the boats, but not so good for the trailers.

  3. charley quimby
    charley quimby says:

    Do any of you Century Guys have any info on 1948 17′ Seamaid s/n 48-Q-103? I can provide some info on past ownership. Charley Q.

  4. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    I saw this today and I instantly thought of you guys, had to post it. Not being political, it just rings a bell with this group…

    • John Baas
      John Baas says:

      No jobs? I’m trying to fill 25 landscape maintenance jobs with someone who is legal, not on drugs and has a clean driving record. Career jobs, too! Where are the people who want to work?

  5. Don vogt
    Don vogt says:

    I am sure the century show will be neat. Sometimes overlooked in the excessive hype about the 60th anniversary of the cobra is the 60th anniversary of the century coronado. a more consequential model imho.

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      What? It’s the 60th anniversary of the cobra at lake dora in late March? I should do something on that !

  6. Tommyholm
    Tommyholm says:

    Looking forward to seeing every one in cincinnati Ohio very soon. No snakes, no venom. Just African mahogany and Manistee fiberglass.

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