BOO! A Scary Reminder For Halloween – Make Sure Your Hagerty Marine Insurance Is Up To Date!

Thats not good

It’s that time of year. No, not Halloween, but something far scarier. That time of year, where we all take that last gasp ride and tuck away our beloved Woody Boats and focus on other things in life. Like repairing our boats, Varnishing, rebuilding, re chroming and re everythinging our boats! But many people sadly think that there is no chance of disaster happening when not on the water. Well. Your wrong. Hopefully not dead wrong, but just barn roof on your boat wrong. Turns out a huge percentage of all claims happen not in the water.

From the Katzs Roof collapse years ago.

Sean Conroy shared a story about this sad affair

Like trailering, or a roof caving in, fire, flood, rodents, grandma backing into the boat. The list I am sure is endless.  Now, many people think they are being clever and drop there insurance over the winter season, and that’s also a mistake. I mean, come on. Its called insurance and if we all knew when disasters would hit, wouldn’t we avoid them?

Tornado damage in May 1965

That’s why the good folks at Hagerty Marine Insurance are there, here and always with us. So, on this last Gasp week, please make sure you are up to date. Now get gasping!

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Almost 9 and no comments? Ice should only be for chilling beer or making frozen margaritas. Keep your boat away from it. Panther is all tucked away.

  2. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Talk about a scary Halloween…from the header I was afraid we were in for more Golden Pond stuff!

    Going Halloween Boating…..

    John in Va.

  3. Ron Y.
    Ron Y. says:

    You guys may be ” Fearing the Reaper ” today….. But you better be on the lookout for Boat Man….That’s right… Boat Man.

    He’s on the way to a Halloween Party near you…so I just thought I should ‘Float’ this warning…..

    This guy Richard and his lovely wife Trudy are the embodied Spirit of Woody Boating…Give it up for this hand made Halloween costume like no other in Woody Boaterville ….

  4. chris bulla
    chris bulla says:

    Awesome costume !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sad pictures of damaged woodies. Thank goodness for great insurance to help pay for rebuilds Letting my roamer and 1940 dcb 42 stay damaged would not be an option. Or totaled out!

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