Breaking Down – Part Of the Fun, Part Of History.

Breakdown Splash Mob on the Chesapeake bay.

Wow, this past two weeks we have all gotten out there for sure. How do I know, cause many of you have motored out, and been towed in. And that’s okay. It’s all part of it. I speak with Dave VanNess daily and he is averaging over 90 calls a day of people needing advice over the phone.

Eric Zelman does NOT cut corners on anything, and his boats are flawless. Or as Flawless as old stuff can be. SHIP HAPPENS

Same goes for many of our sponsors, and non sponsors. People need information, and many times its a simple issue, but because we life in a time of more reliability in our machines, we have all become a bit lost. There is a reason our boats and cars back in the day came with tool kits and owners manuals read like work books. SHIP HAPPENS.

Kent O. Smith Jr captured this moment in NY. Is that Syd in the passenger seat?

So what to do when Ship Happens. Well, the way I see it, you are at an emotional fork in the road. You can curse, complain, find someone to blame, and go on a rant. Or laugh, and embrace it. It is what it is, and no frustration or anger is going to change anything, and in fact, laughing at it, can calm the crew, and you may just find that the wire on the coil just needs to be reattached. Because you were calm.

Relax! Its all part of the lifestyle.

Your crew will always take your lead. If you are having fun with it, they will as well, and you may find, that being towed in is fun. And even more fun when you are doing the towing in.

Just always make sure you have a Tow Line ready! Thanks Troy for the photo

We have done our share. Its a Karma thing!

Love the red line! The thin red line.

Sunset tow ins are extra special and can be quite romantic

Even in a parade being Towed in is part of it

SHIP doesnt care what your boat is made of

Sometimes its plastic helping.

Send in your Tow shots! Okay, wait, I DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOUR TOWS! no one wants to see your old gnarly spent to much time in wet shoe tows!  BOATS Yes, Feet No.. Ya, 12 years of doing this has of course taught me many lessons. And of course this is some sort of invite. UGH! Hope you all are having a fun weekend. And remember, It isnt really fun until someone gets towed in!

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  1. Tparsons56
    Tparsons56 says:

    Having avoided the “tow of shame” for many years I have been towed in twice this year because of a bad coil (unfortunately no pictures). I now keep a yellow polypropylene line on board as a tow rope.
    The biggest plus in this situation is the help and kindness of other boaters. As soon as the engines hatch’s went up I had plastic boats, sailboats, pontoons and jet skis all ask if I needed help and/or a tow. On the last tow the towing skipper jumped into the water as we got close to the dock to make sure we didn’t damage the boat.
    Human kindness and respect for others still does exist in this world!

  2. Scott K
    Scott K says:

    Our XK towed in my neighbors electric pontoon boat late last night.
    We were rafted together for several hours, it was windy and his little trolling motors didn’t have the oomph to move the barge against the wind to get him home.
    We are usually on the other end of that line.
    Best night on the lake in a long time.

  3. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Eric’s breakdown was a BAD GROUND….not a grounding…a bad electrical ground….remember guys it is ALWASY a bad ground that we check first.
    Matt, we missed you…..but then you are not all that grounded all is well.
    Love the CC bike….only CC I have now is the bike.
    John in Va.

  4. Ken MacStephen
    Ken MacStephen says:

    we broke down in Toronto Harbour a few years ago in the midlle of a sailing race corse!!! A sthe race boats neared us us, a voice rang out ( I’d give you a tow but i’m in first place!)

  5. Dan Nelson
    Dan Nelson says:

    Lake Norris, TN.

    A broken down group of young people. One asked: “Can that little boat tow us?” It was about a 4 mile tow. It was a modern Merc and the kids had the cowling off. As you can see, they were in a ‘festive’ mood.

  6. Frank@Falmouth
    Frank@Falmouth says:

    So, this might benefit from a separate discussion,…
    WHERE on an old wooden boat do you give, or take a tow… if you dont have a bow eye..
    CC lift rings are designed for vertical lifting not the horizontal stress from a tow rope… and as a tow boat, the lift ring again is deck mounted and runs to the keel..but…
    (20″ Rivieria, 17″ Sportsman Util,+ others) . Tho we did use that rear lifting ring to waterski behind it for many years..
    Just wouldnt want to mess up the boat towing another

    Anyone with creative ideas for either situation? (Im thinking rigging and not additional deck hardware) to have on hand in case a quick tow is needed, or given… bungee to adsorb stress? looking for ideas so I can rig something to have on hand as Murphy likes to stalk me at times and preparation tends to keep him at bay..


    • Jimmy
      Jimmy says:

      Lifting rings are more than strong enough for used to tow or water skiing behind the boat. Never heard of any damage from pulling on the lifting rings or any warning from Chris Craft saying not to.

  7. Eric Z
    Eric Z says:

    Great day on the beach with friends. It was actually a screw from the starter bracket that had loosened and fallen out when the motor was tilted up. Finally spotted it when we took the engine cowl off. The other was loose as well. Those were the ground. Yes, I had a screw loose-

  8. Steve in NJ
    Steve in NJ says:

    Have a friend who fishes offshore tournaments and blew his motor a mile off the inlet. The only tow he could get was a large sailboat motoring in the inlet. Apparently all the photographic evidence has been confiscated and destroyed.

  9. Ed
    Ed says:

    Getting towed in Tavares. Back when Tow Boat would answer my calls. Who would have ever thought the service had a limit?

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