Breaking-ish News: Oneida Boat Works Up In Flames!

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Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Jim Staib of Fine Wood boats, who sent us this horrible information. All we have right now is a story on the local NBC affiliate. Here is the story. And the link to the story. We will join in in anyway we can to help the benefit.
HARSHAW – A number of rare and very valuable wooden boats went up in flames yesterday afternoon.

Tom Jordan spent much of his life restoring rare, antique, wooden boats and his workshop had 10 of them inside when it caught fire.

Collectors from across the U.S. brought their boats to Oneida Boat Works in Harshaw. Some were far from sea worthy when they came in, but they left looking like works of art.

Now some are gone forever. Out of 10 boats inside, two were saved from the fire.

“The building was totally involved when we arrived on scene, and quite a bit of the surrounding property, the woods and so on was on fire also….I couldn’t even start to imagine what this is gonna cost, what the dollar value on this is,” said Cassian Fire Chief, Ed Tadych.

Jordan also built some boats from scratch, as custom replicas of antiques.

Between the boats lost, the custom machinery, and the workshop itself, Jordan estimates the damage at around $300,000.

But that doesn’t even include the loss of income. With the workshop going up in flames, so did Jordan’s livelihood.

At this time the cause of the fire is unknown, but it may have started in the woods behind their house.

The Jordans are considering a benefit to help rebuild the workshop and get the restoration business back off the ground.

If you’d like to help out, you can reach the Jordan’s by email at

Story By: Kailey Burton

5 replies
  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    10 boats, a shop and tools, plus property damage = $300,000? I think it’s going to end up a lot higher than that.

    A definite shame.

  2. Brent Bergman
    Brent Bergman says:

    Tom is the most passionate and nicest person I have met in the classic boat community. I am confident he will recover quickly, we are all behind him.

  3. Tom Carter
    Tom Carter says:

    As I recall, when Tiffany Yachts burned 3 or 4 years ago, the cost was far in excess of $300K. Shipyards really REALLY need to be especially careful with paints, solvents, electrical etc. Such a shame…


  4. steve bunda
    steve bunda says:

    Tom is a good friend and has recived a great set back , he lost all his tools and that is an area that we would like to help him get back on his feet. Bottoms Up and NorthWoods boats will be donating and loaning some larger wood working equipment and some other hand tools. Tom needs to recover and get back to work and put this awfull fire behind him. If you have any extra hand tools to donate, please contact steve at

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