Breaking News – Antique Boat Center Celebrates 25 Years, Expands To Florida!


The Antique Boat Center at Rejuvenation Woodworks

Breaking News, Cincinnati Ohio, Eustis Florida.  We just got official word on a wonderful move for all of us in the classic boat community. Our long time supporters and just plain good guys at Antique Boat Center are putting there money where our hearts are!  Below is the official news to the Woody Boater community.


Rejuvenation Woodworks at night – photo Shaun Fenn

“Antique Boat Center (ABC) is very excited to announce we have reached agreement to acquire Rejuvenation Woodworks (RW) of Eustis Florida, a leader in the business of preservation and restoration of wooden boats.  Rob Lyons of ABC stated “The combination of the talent, knowledge and experience of the two companies will uniquely serve our customers in all aspects of sales, service and restoration of antique and classic boats.  We are very fortunate to add Richard and his organization to the ABC Family


Long time fellow Woody Boater Richard Arnold. – Photo Shaun Fenn

Richard Arnold says “This new team will greatly enhance RW’s ability to continue providing the highest level of customer satisfaction and provide a much broader service offering for years to come.”  The transaction is expected to close on or about March 1st and be celebrated by all the Sunnyland Annual Boat Festival in March.  Please stop by “The Antique Boat Center at Rejuvenation Woodworks” when in Florida.


The Antique Boat Center set up at Tavares last year.

In 2015 the Antique Boat Center is celebrating 25 years of business. The addition of Rejuvenation Woodworks is just one of the many changes that ABC has implemented to better serve and help to sustain the hobby.  Throughout 2015 you will see many new ideas that will create excitement and interest as we launch several new ad campaigns, a new ABC Website, a new show schedule and many other initiatives focused on the growth of classic boating.  All of this enables ABC to be successful for the next 25 years.

Antique Boat Center Landscape

Antique Boat Center in Ohio.

Woohooo from Woody Boater. This is a huge sign of progress and growth in the culture. Richard Arnold is a great guy, this is a culture match made for sure. You will now be able to take your boat to Florida which for many is a closer drive and warmer in the winter.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 8.39.09 PM

And if you have yet to visit the location in Eustis, it’s a must see! Maybe the coolest building in the culture. Of course one more reason to show up for the show March 26th -28th


Very very cool space!


Hard wood floors, arched ceilings.. Its eye candy with eye candy inside. mmmmmmahogany goodness in Florida.

Lost Cobra 3 low

If you have yet to sign up, we recommend you do so, this will be a very well attended show. With the price of gas low, the economy picking up, and COBRAS! It’s gonna be a great show.



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  1. FLASH
    FLASH says:

    Congratulations to the ABC crew. With single digit temps here in Cincinnati this morning, they’ll probably have a line of employees down the hallway requesting a transfer to the Florida location.

  2. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    I think this is wonderful news for the hobby in this part of the country, and certainly for those nearest Mount Dora and Tavares. It insures the continuation and likely expansion of the services many of us who are not do-it-yourselfers require. The shop is a true museum piece and I am sure that preservation of this most unique atmosphere will be a priority for Rob, Matt and ABC. I have enjoyed working with Richard in the past and will going forward, and congratulations are certainly in order all round.

    Change is inevitable, though it seems not everyone in the classic boat community universally accepts change, but never the less it is always there. I bet that over time, this will allow Richard and Kathy to plan the next chapter of their lives without the burden of business ownership necessarily anchoring them, and it will permit Richard in the present to continue to pursue his passion for boat restoration with a renewed focus and dedication.

    Knowing all the parties as I do, I offer my congratulations and very best wishes.

  3. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    I remember our last seminar at Rejuvination….It was like walking into a museum. A facinating place that obviously does great work…We welcome ABC to Florida.

  4. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Congratulations to both organizations! As with Wilson, it was a treat to visit Richard Arnold’s historic shop and take part in that seminar. The building and its contents is amazing. Add to that a few works in progress on old Woody Boats, a great lesson on plank replacement, among great company and it was a perfect day.

    Lou, Dennis, Richard – A great union that will serve our avocation well.

  5. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Love that shop and Richard and crew should be a good fit with ABC. Lou and Dennis might rethink a transfer if they had to work outside in Florida June, July, August, and Sept. That’s what makes that shop such a great building. Its on piers allowing any breeze to envelop and carry away any summer heat as well as having high ceilings to allow heat to waft up away from the floor where you’re working. Old designs were so well thought out and took advantage of passive “opportunities”.

  6. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    And those wood floors are so much easier on your knees, feet and hips than concrete. This is Terry Harbin’s Garwood under resto used in the ACBS seminar Al referred to. And Richard puts on one helluva party too.

  7. Kentucky Wonder
    Kentucky Wonder says:

    Congratulations to all involved! Our Greavette was Rejuvenated by Richard and bought through Antique Boat Center, so we are familiar with all involved. Blessings on the new phase of life and work for Kathy, Richard, Brian, Matt and Dennis.

    A part of Eau! Canada is still hanging around the Rejuvenation shop. The original footboard was replaced during the rejuvenation, and now clings to the exterior wall near the entrance. Hope it’s still there next time we get to Eustis!

      • Kentucky Wonder
        Kentucky Wonder says:

        Thank you, sir! I will add it to my collection! I am amazed at how many people photographed our boat before we ever saw it. Glad it was still available when we walked up to it at ABC.

        There was a Greavette Streamliner named Synergy being Rejuvenated at the same time as ours. What a gorgeous marine sculpture! Makes Eau! Canada look completely trapezoidal compared to all those curves.

  8. Terry and Jerri
    Terry and Jerri says:

    Outstanding News. Richard has been such a great person to work with, restoring our 40 Gar Wood Utility. Couldn’t be happier for all.


    Terry and Jerri
    The Good Life

  9. Lou Rauh
    Lou Rauh says:

    This is a great opportunity for both organizations to be successful and service the hobby into the future. With Antique Boat Center starting its next 25 years, I am very excited about the future with Matt and Rob at the helm. Their leadership and ownership will definitely provide for contined great relationships with Woodyboaters.

    Dennis and I will still be hanging around, but will be taking a much less active role.

    We are delighted to welcome and work with Richard and Kathy and can’t wait to join all the Woodyboater Fans in Florida

  10. Edgar & Lisa Anders
    Edgar & Lisa Anders says:

    Can’t say enough about RW. Richard and team have provided us great enthusiasm in antique boating. Their care of our Woodie “Lisa Bee” allows us the opportunity to sail nearly every weekend. It’s all about the float! 🙂
    Congrats to RW and ABC on the new venture! See you all in Tavares soon.

  11. George Balaschak
    George Balaschak says:

    Wow, SUPER news. Rick and Kathy and their team were our choice to do the work on our Greavette Streamliner. The restoration all came together beautifully, thus the inspiration for her name: Synergy.
    I think that the new relationship of Rejuvenation Woodworks and ABC will be synergistic as well.

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