Lee & Penny Anderson Are Sole Inductees Into The 2015 Hagerty Marine Hall Of Fame At Their Amazing Boathouse & Museum


Breaking news out of Woods And Water 2015 – Carla from Hagerty Marine Insurance presents to Lee Anderson the sole 2015 Hagerty Marine Hall of Fame Award. Now Lee and I are just alike-ish.

lee watching

Lee watching a film about himself wondering whats going on here?


Lee at the moment he realized he was the star of the video being presented. It was a quite moving moment to see a man who has given so much receiving this prestigious award. What a great moment, from one Hall Of Famer to another. Yikes, we have something in common. Sorry Lee!


A sunset shot of the Anderson Classic Boats Museum and Boathouse.


The rail system that transports the boats from Nisswa Lake directly into the boathouse.


“ROYALEZE” – a 1929 Ditchburn 36-foot launch built for the Toronto Harbor Commission.


Co-Chair of the Woods and Water 2015 event – Dave Bortner auctioned off his stylish slacks – which sold for 230.00!


Inside the boat house is a collection of some ..wait, ALL of the most amazing boats on the planet.



Nothing like walking into a museum of amazing stuff, and there is a car on a turn table. What!!!!




Yes, I have a fancy 25 Sportsman.. But it isn’t a desert tray boat!


Sitting at the desk writing and outside is Ethyl Ruth IV, just another day at the Anderson home!


We are so much alike, he has a kitchen, I have a kitchen. Mine isn’t in the boat house, but that’s just a small detail


Where have i seen that clock before? Oh ya, I have one as well! Ya its smaller and doesnt work. But thats just a small detail


Is that a Prerestoric boat I see? Yes.


Lee likes art, I like art? We all love art.


Karen Harrison was speechless! Her look said more than Paul could ever write, and Paul can write…and write, and write.

lee anderson night

And to all a good night, or go to the Musum and listen and dance to the band the Sevilles! WOW!

Story by Matt


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  1. Texx
    Texx says:

    Congratulations to Lee Anderson as the sole inductee to the Hagerty Marine Hall of Fame. Lee is a wonderful ambassador for the hobby.
    Over the last few years we have had the privilege of touring the Anderson Classic Boats Museum on a few occasions. Words can not describe what an outstanding place this is. So we were thrilled last night to see hundreds of people share that same experience. Texx

  2. Carla
    Carla says:

    One of my greatest moments at Hagerty was announcing/presenting Lee Anderson as the 2015 Hagerty Hall of Fame sole inductee! Lee and Penny Anderson opened their museum/boathouse/grounds to over 500 classic boat hobbyists last night and as John states, “Gatsby worthy” all the way around! There was so much I wanted to say in the presentation; however, time was extremely limited. On a personal note, thank you to Lee and Penny for your significant contributions to our VETERANS! This is a cause truly near and dear to my heart!! Remember, behind a GREAT man is a GREAT woman! Thank you Lee and Penny for your generosity!!

  3. Ron-Seattle- Gull Lake
    Ron-Seattle- Gull Lake says:

    Amazing, absolutely best boating experience of my lifetime. Over the top impressive, stunning displays, hospitality. I feel like I dreamt it.
    Congratulations to – in my mind, Sir Lee Andersen. Nice job Carla, you are beautiful!
    One more thought.
    Matt and Texx — I nominate this for one of the best stories on WB. You captured in your images, the look and the feel of an important event in our boating world. The story is here, I can relive it here anytime.
    Amazing story, amazing night, THANK YOU!

  4. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Thanks Matt & Texx for making the rest of us feel like we were there…And congratulations to Mr. Anderson & his Mrs.
    One more place added to my bucket list.

  5. Matt
    Matt says:

    Well, its 930 AM and we all just woke up! MY GOD! this was hands down stand on our heads the best event thing ever. Despite the beyond boring raffle stuff which could not even kill it. This was a $1,000 dollar a ticket event all day long. We will of course be going on and on about it for years.

  6. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    The grandiosity of the of the buildings, the finishes, the furnishings, the atmosphere, the elegance, the engines on display and the boats was literally beyond adequate description. I kept asking Matt “how can you possibly convey this?” – referring of course to the short format of the typical WB story. Karen and I didn’t take any pictures – we felt there was no way our pictures could adequately capture it all. I have never seen another facility like this anywhere- just incomparable.

  7. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Outstanding pictures and obviously a wonderful event! Congratulations to Lee and Penny for such a well-deserved honor and thanks for their continued efforts on behalf of this pursuit. I wish I could have been there – not only because the international shows are such a treat and that location can’t be equaled, but because now I will have to listen to Ron and Rob gloat about it for the next millennium or so… 🙂

  8. Bill Anderson
    Bill Anderson says:

    The pictures are great as always but this event was over the top,from Alexandria museum,the seminars and to end up with the unbeilvable boathouse tour,,WOW then lets not forget the water to cruise on,, then Tuesday we went fishing,my wife caught a 27+ in walleye and others,,I caught a 6in Bass a great week Bill

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