Peter Mellon was the driving force behind the sales of many classic boats

We got the news yesterday, so no details as of yet, but according to our source Peter Mellon passed away yesterday morning at 4:AM from a  heart attack. Peter as many of us know is the founder of Antique Boat America and Canada. The largest online broker in the world of Antique and Classic Boats. Peter was a fixture in the community and always pushing the passion out to the globe. This is very sad news and we will update as soon as we know more.

Peter spoke at many events

Peter at the helm of Pardon Me Too – Photo Kent O Smith

For those that saw this story yesterday morning, we were requested to delay the release of the story so family could be informed. Stay tuned for updates as we get them.

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  1. Tim Robinson
    Tim Robinson says:

    Wow, very sad news. Peter brokered the deal and helped us sell Evangeline. I didn’t know Peter well, but felt he was a stand up guy and we enjoyed working with him. My son Brian and I were invited to ride in “Pardon Me Too” on the island cruise last year at the ACBS annual meeting in Alexandria Bay, NY. Peter was a very gracious host. RIP my friend.

  2. Mark in da U P
    Mark in da U P says:

    So sad. Unfortunatly I did not know him. Friends, Family, and the wooden boat community will miss him.

    • Ted poulsen
      Ted poulsen says:

      I knew peter from Friday night hockey at the RA center and had many great nights together on the ice and off the ice. Rest In Peace my friend.

  3. Michael F Joyce
    Michael F Joyce says:

    In his own unique way, Peter Mellon was just as important as all the various antique boat organizations in helping to keep our hobby alive and well. Filled with energy, enthusiasm, and a passion for each boat he sold, Peter helped our hobby transition from one generation to the next. He is one of those rare individuals you only really understand when he is gone and you see the wide gap left behind. A man who made a real difference in his world.

    • Carla
      Carla says:

      Spot on, Michael! Peter definitely made strides within our hobby to bring awareness in owning a classic boat to the next generation.
      He was truly passionate about our hobby as a whole and worked relentlessly on “connecting the dots” for all.
      Rest In Peace, my friend. You will be missed!

  4. Mark Krzyzanowski
    Mark Krzyzanowski says:

    Thank you for this. We are all deeply saddened at this unexpected and tragic loss. Peter has been our “Fearless Leader” for nearly 20 years. The hobby will not be the same without him.

    Peter had a giant personality. He cared so much about the hobby and contributed anywhere he could. His enthusiasm and drive were hard to keep up with. He was a great friend, a mentor to me, and we had 17 years of good times and laughs working together.

    I, and the rest of the staff at Antique Boat America, will miss him immensely. Peter, you taught us well.

  5. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    A tragic loss in the antique boat community. I’ve had several opportunities to visit with Peter while delivering or picking up customer’s boats. My son, an avid hockey player and me a coach, were shown his collection of famous hockey players jerseys he had framed while there one afternoon. My son was amazed at his collection and how personable he was. Besides giving us carte blanche to roam around the facilities, he gave us a couple of coozies and we were energized by his enthusiasm after a 1200 mile drive. He definitely will leave a void to be filled.

  6. George Sperry
    George Sperry says:

    Sad news indeed. I’ve known him for a long time. He’ll be missed by many. Condolences to Helene and all his friends.

  7. Ray S
    Ray S says:

    Peter was a great guy, solidly behind (and pushing the future) of our hobby. I’ve known him for many years as he and his capable team brokered sales and buys for me and just seeing him at the Antique Boat museum and his store. We will miss him.

    I believe that his spirit will live on through the team of AntiqueBoatAmerica. I understand that Mark Krzyzanowski, his right hand man, will be taking over the helm, a very capable expert an all things “antique boat”.

  8. Mike Legros
    Mike Legros says:

    To all in the community,
    I’ve known Peter for 45 years, meet thru hockey, class mates in kinesiology/Phys. Ed at the university of Ottawa, teachers together in hockey and sport, family friends,

    No matter distance or where Life took us every time we talked or got together we just talked as if the last time we saw each other was yesterday.

    He was like that with every one. Peter was like “cheers” where he knew everyone’s name, what you said was listened to and was important as
    Well as you felt welcome all the time. I know Helene has lost a big part of her heart!

    I have lost a life long friend/brother and I know the community has lost a mentor, leader, and inspiration!

    RIP mon ami and brother
    Mike Legros

  9. John Hennessy
    John Hennessy says:

    Peter was a dear friend, my best friend for many, many years. He introduced me to the 1000 Islands, A-Bay and many new friends in the region.

    He was a fantastic man, a well-intentioned, passionate and loyal friend.

    I watched with admiration how his early love of antique boats blossom into his leadership of the Antique Boat community.

    He will be lovingly missed

    Love you, Peter may you rest in peace.

  10. Agathe Savard
    Agathe Savard says:

    Chère nièce,
    Nous avons appris avec consternation le départ de l’amour de ta vie. En lisant les commentaires de sympathies nous réalisons comment ton Peter était choyé aussi en amitié et que ceux-ci sont là pour te réconforter dans son meilleur souvenir. Courage, nous savons que tu n’en manques pas. Avec nos meilleures pensée, tendresses Agathe et Michel

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