Camp LeJeune Is Looking For A Few Good Boats – For A US Military Appreciation Event


Jacksonville, North Carolina

New River Air Station is part of Camp LeJeune and it is at their facilities that the Blue Ridge Chapter will be hosting this military appreciation event for the US Marines and their families. There are a lot of fun activities planned and we would like to give everyone a brief outline to go along with the attached registration form. Check out on their web site:

We have been invited to stay on base at the BOQ (Bachelors Officers Quarters), the rate for the rooms there are $40-45 per night based on single or double occupancy. There is only one bed in the rooms, pets are not allowed at the BOQ but they are allowed on base and there is construction going on at the facility. There are no coffee makers in the rooms but coffee is available in the lobby 24/7. For those who have pets, need more than one bed to a room or would rather not deal with the construction (although that shouldn’t really affect us too badly as we will be at the marina most of the time) they have made arrangements at a local motel – InnKeeper Jacksonville (910) 938-0800 with a rate of $59.00 mention that you are with the antique boating event at NRAS. There are other motels in the area with rate over $79+.

We also have a limited number of dry camping spaces available at the marina, there is no charge for these spaces and there is a bathhouse available or less than three miles from base there is Cabin Creek Campground, their phone number is 910-346-4808.

At the marina we have fixed concrete docks for boats wishing to remain in the water or there is a boat ramp if you would prefer to pull your boat out overnight. New River has brackish water and the expected tidal change will be about 1-2 feet. At the marina there is a fueling dock, a large community room where a lot of our activities will be based and a large area for land display if you would rather not have your boat in water. A wash out area is available.

On Thursday April 7th we will be going over to Sywanks, Scarlet and Gold Traditions, for dinner and our social. This place is amazing, Sgt. Major started collecting Marine Corps memorabilia in the late 1960’s and has placed it in his club which until the new Marine Corps museum opened in Quantico had about the most wonderful artifacts pertaining to the Marines found anywhere. A must see venue.

Friday we will have our boats in the water offering rides to Wounded Warriors, Marines and their families. They are also going to be bringing some school children from the base over as a field trip! That evening we will have our dinner and social on base. The dinner for this evening is being hosted by the Jacksonville/Onslow County Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Committee. OoRAH!!!

Mr. Chris Smith has generously offered to share some of his stories and pictures with the Marines and will be our guest speaker! And we are going to hold a “Pot Luck” Auction so were asking boaters to please bring in an item to be auctioned off to raise money for a base charity or the school kids. It can be something new, used, fun, practical…whatever, it’s “Pot Luck”. It doesn’t have to pertain to boating as we will also have Marines there as well as their guests.

Saturday will be our busiest day with more Marines and their families riding in our boats. There will be all kinds of activities going on around the marina. Dinner will again be on base and they are making arrangements for our evening’s entertainment. Pack your dancing shoes!

Bob & Linda Miracle will be taking pictures throughout this event for us!

The NRAS Marines have also streamlined our entry onto base and the information they require will be on the registration form.

It is extremely important that you, any additional crew members and guests travelling with you have identification; you will also need the vehicle registration & proof of insurance for any vehicle and/or for your RV that you will be bringing on base. They also require registration and proof of insurance on your boat. Do not forget these items you will need them with you upon check in at NRAS. You will begoing to the main gate for New River Air Station, do not go to Camp LeJeune, look for the signs when you arrive in Jacksonville, NC. At the NRAS gate there will be signs directing you where to park for check in.

As you know the following weekend is the Lake Hartwell show in Georgia, so for those of us continuing on to there, Ed Longino, Alan & Faye Smith have put together a Lake Hop where we will make our way westward while enjoying some beautiful lakes along our journey. What a great way to get to a show!

Information for this can be found at the Blue Ridge ACBS Chapter web site by clicking here, but we would like you to indicate on the registration form if you will be joining us on the HOP.

Our apologies for the delay in getting the registration form together and thank everyone for their support.

Now we must beg you to send this in as quickly as possible!

The Marines are very excited and grateful to the boaters for bringing these classic boats to NRAS. They have really been a joy to work with and we can hardly wait to get there ourselves as we’re not sure just who is going to have more fun them or us!

Please if you have any questions, or if you would like Ginger to e-mail or fax you a copy of the printable registration form call us at 407-349-3600 or email

Randy & Ginger Clark

Randy & Ginger Clark are wonderful, caring folks and have worked very hard to help put the Camp LeJeune – Military Appreciation Event together. Randy Clark is also a retired US Marine and remains very active with the community. As of a few days ago when we met at the Sunnyland Boat Show, they were still hoping to get a few more boats signed up for the event. So if there is anything you can do to help, please give Ginger a call or e-mail as noted above. You can also contact me at to receive a copy of the registration form by e-mail or fax.

Images for this story were provided courtesy of Robert & Linda Miracle at Miracle Photography.


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  1. randy & ginger
    randy & ginger says:

    The Marines have changed a few things and here is some of the latest news.

    The boaters will now be staying in the Senior NCO quarters; this is a suite of rooms; sitting area (sleeper), table & chairs, small kitchenette (coffee, micro, fridge) tv – with cable (woo-hoo!), separate bed & bath…very cool…

    Saturday night they have moved the evening event from the marina to the Officer’s Club, wonderful dinner & cocktails and they are having a 50’s-60’s-70’s revue band…great fun & dancing! dress for thursday at Sywanyk’s & the O’Club will be dress casual and friday at the marina is real casual…

    The principal of the base elementary school is sending over 70 students to meet us Friday and learn about these boats and can’t thank the boaters enough…little does he know we are all about kids! right, terry & texx!

    They are expecting a huge turn out of Marines and their familes and we could use a few more boats either in water or on land.

    All we can say is that our plans were big -theirs are bigger!!!

    we need to turn in our final numbers on Monday, so if you would like to join us please contact us directly:

    randy & ginger 407-349-3600

    Thank you to everyone who is coming or has contacted us to say they wish they could make it…OoRAH

    This truly is a unique opportunity to meet our Marines!

  2. Carla
    Carla says:

    I salute Randy and Ginger for putting this together to honor our brave men and women that protect our freedom. This is a venue that is personally very near and dear to me as both of my sons are Navy doctors with one actually assigned to the marines at Camp LeJeune for three years. The families of these brave individuals endure many, many hardships and yet an event like this that will solicit many smiles from ALL involved is what our great hobby is all about. I encourage others to join in this celebration!!

  3. randy & ginger
    randy & ginger says:

    Thank you Carla, but it isn’t us…

    It really is Blue Ridge Chapter and their members!

    Without their support, contributions & dedication; which went above and beyond, this couldn’t have happened…

  4. randy & ginger
    randy & ginger says:

    and a big thank you to you & your sons! you’ve got the toughest job of all…military mom!

  5. Dave p
    Dave p says:

    Sounds like it will be really unique experience! Also jus wanted to point out how cool the website masthead is Everyday ! I think I look forward to that almost as much as the articles!

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