Classic Boaters Broke The Internet!

Well.. it was bound to happen…. if this was a porn site! At 2:30 today I started getting emails form folks asking what sort of permission they needed to open the site.. I laughed at the first one… then two, then 10. I ran to the site and saw it was down.. OH god. Did I pay my bill? Was there something wrong in the new design.. We called our fancy pants web host… And they could not answer the question.. 1/2 hr later after hearing Billy Jean in musac.. we got the word.. According to traffic on the site, we had such a spike that it shut down an entire server.. Dear god! They released it and we are back live.. After some joyess high fives and joking. The only thing we can figure is a perfect storm of traffic. Monday, always the big day, three big boat shows, and another day of Miricle photos.. I told Texx it was his humor.. shhhhh…. Any way.. please read responsibly and be considerate of your fellow Woody Boaters and limit your clicking to 10 stories per day.. HA! Just kidding, lets crash that sucker again.. Then we need to get our own server! Woohoooo.. Thanks for a great moment in Woody Boater history. Matt

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  1. Larry FORGET
    Larry FORGET says:

    No photos to add , but vote for BEST LAKE is Lake GEORGE, Upstate New YOrk , Water very clear , History back to mid 1700 & INdian skurmish, . Early 1920 Gold Cup racing history. .. Early ACBS shows at Sagamore famous hotel . .NArrows Islands north end of lake . Famous tour boats of Ticongroga , & Minnie Ha Ha paddle wheeler. South end Million Dollar Beach. .Para sail , History challenge of people swimming entire length of lake.

  2. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Yep we crashed it Matt. Frame the whatever proof you get of the crash and hang it next to your One Show gongs like the award it is.
    I was talking to, no actually I was arguing with a client yesterday about how weak their online influence was. They were adamant that what they were doing was brilliant. I asked how many followers they had and somewhat reluctantly the answer came back. 400.
    I said hell, Woody Boater is kicking your butt and they only talk about one subject! They kinda didn’t get it. Ha!

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    Ha, I use this darn site as a lesson all the time and they all laugh. It’s such a narrow nitch that it does not make sense. I suppose it’s like owning a lightbulb store though. I remind my self daily that since we are the only site like this on earth that’s why this is happening. Dear lord I would be dead if the ACBS woke up from it’s varnish comma or classic boating ever found out there was an internet. For gods sake no one tell them. I am having the time of my life here..

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