Classic Boating From 30,000 Feet.

Here we are at 30,000 feet over the coast of Southern California. Above is a photo I just took. This trip to the west coast has been cery fruitful in the area of yacht caps and getting the ball rolling on the New Woody Gear store. It’s also fun to try new things, so here I am trying WiFi on board Virgin Atlantic. Nothing more than just the cool factor.

Regarding the caps, we have the 12, and more needed to make this happen, I will get all the email adresses together this week and send out a group email. For those of you that have had a promblem contacting me. The contact info is at the bottom of the web site. And my email for WoodyBoater is I will answer you and give you my email that I check every minute. Now if you will excuse me I am eating some peanuts and going to watch Transformers 2……..

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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    That's very cool. Modern technology is off the charts these days. Take one as you fly over the snow-covered midwest and the frozen Mississippi River. Spring is just 10 more weeks away and the ice clogs will be replaced with Woody Boats.

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