Clock Time! Time? What Time Is It?

Gar Wood Time!

Well, this Fall Back Spring Forward stuff is always confusing. Then again, blinking can be confusing to me these days. Thanks to this though I was able to sleep after some crazy work hours from coast to coast. I made the fatal error of doing a Red Eye flight. On paper makes sense. In reality.. NO! I arrived in VA at 5AM . But the entire day was a mess.  So I suppose the lesson in life from all this is.. No more red eye flights for me. And slow boat rides, with my bride. Now if I could figure out how to slow boat ride from coast to coast.

Chris Craft time

Pre War Made up alarm clock time

These would be fun to make

Always at 10:30 That way time stands still



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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    All the boats get put away this week. Temp is dropping and possible flurries by weeks end. Time change worked for me since my body didn’t quite understand the sleep longer concept so here it is only 10am and lots of outside work has already been accomplished. Of course I’ll probably crash tonight when the clock says 9:30.

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