To Connect Or Not Connect, That Is The Question. No Really? We Want To Know!

Woody Connect?Whether ’tis Nobler in the mind to suffer the crashes and slow loading time on Woody Boater. Or to take it slow for the sake of connecting with others. That’s the real question today.. OK in real Woody Talk..Was anyone really using the Woody Boater Connection on the upper right here.. It uses a ton of data space, and seemed to add one more thing to an already crammed website.. And kept crashing the site. So the question is. Do we like it? Is it worth it? Your opinion today will decide.

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  1. Troy
    Troy says:

    I think it is a VERY COOL idea!

    Tommy and I almost got together in Maine for a boat ride, but our schedules did not allow it to work out.

    Other then that I do not have enough tech knowledge to have any input as to how it should or could work.

  2. John Baas
    John Baas says:

    I found a 6v bilge pump through the Connection. Using other boating forums for quite a while, no such luck. I think it was only a few days before the connection was made. The original idea of reaching out to fellow woody boaters for rides, info or even parts is well worth a little slowness in my book. Put a time limit on the posts or allow the author to delete his/her posts if space is an issue. The Connection concept is a worthy one, though….You never know if you can lend a hand unless someone asks.

  3. Phillip Jones
    Phillip Jones says:

    The only advantage I see is people who are not on Don D’s or ACBS site can use this site for help, but if they are on here it would be nice if they supported the hobby by being on the ACBS site. If it’s a pain trash it and people will have to join the ACBS site to get this kind of help from a larger audience. I tend to think a larger diverse group may be tapped here though???

    That offered no help did it. :):):)

  4. mike k
    mike k says:

    hmmmm, first thought was to add link on top with other links i never visit. then i thought about the chris craft topics, i occasionally click on this when it peaks my interest. then i remembered scoring those thermostat housings from charles quimby on ineeda day (been searching almost 2 years for). so i say keep it!! itll be a great resource for someone when they find their precious missing part on the list!

  5. TommyHolm
    TommyHolm says:

    Keep it. Even though Troy and I never did connect it was fun attempting to do so. Now that Connection exists my next trip will plan for it.

  6. Denis D
    Denis D says:

    CCABCs Boat Buzz and Don Ds site are both invaluable for technical and research type information but I am not aware of any site that fulfills the purpose of the Woody Boater Connection. I would also guess that Woody Boater has a larger and more diverse readership than any other related site creating better chances for a connection. I say keep it!

    Since these postings are time sensitive and storage space is an issue, how about instituting a rule that any posting with no new replies in 1 week will be deleted.

  7. Alex
    Alex says:

    Horsepower! Horsepower! my kingdom for horsepower!

    Oh come on. Its Shakespeare day at WoodyBoater.

  8. Phillip JONES
    Phillip JONES says:

    Also If you get a response as in Eric and I connecting to get his windshield, the deal is done. He should then delete the post so as to not tie up space? Or the 6V post that got his pump.

  9. Sean
    Sean says:

    It’s a unique service as far as I can tell. It needs time to grow so, I’d say keep it and check back in a year or so.

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