Cool Stuff Happening On Boat Buzz-Check It Out!

Yes, that’s a very very sweet 1956 Continental 23′ sitting on the bottom. Follow Joe’s Journey on the Boat Buzz. We are all rooting for you John, just shout out and you will have 30 guys at your dock lifting that sucker.

If you are new to Woody Boater, first welcome. Never can say that enough. You might be wondering what the area right next to this story is that says Boat Buzz. That is the official forum of the Chris – Craft Antique Boat Club, The Boat Buzz along with the Danenberg forum are the go to areas for chatting about what sort of bung you need to plug your hole. People seeking free advice, and getting what they paid for. All kidding aside about free advice. The Boat Buzz is and has been a life saver for me personally and I know for many more. Its my go to Q and A many times. I can be buried knee deep in a bilge, get on my iphone, post a question and get an answer in many cases in about 15 minutes. That’s one of the reasons we list the newest topics of conversation on the right here. You can glance at it and see whats going on. Well, this weekend two cool things popped up. One is a dramatic sinking of a very sweet Continental owned by Joe Soboti in Jersey because of that bitch Sandy.

Brand spank’n new Duplex Oil Cans. Buy 3, just because you “can”…. get it.. its a ca, you can… Pathetic yes.. Sorry, I will go back to the story now… Why.. because I CAN!

And the other boat buzz story  from fellow Woody Boater and CCABC big shot, Don Ayers. is a cool new product out there at Sierra Boat Co. Re-manufactured Oil cans! That’s right. That perfect added touch that your old Chris Craft needs.

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  1. matt
    matt says:

    It seemed funny to publish that thought with todays lead story. We will use it tomorrow. nice tease for you early birds.

  2. mike k
    mike k says:

    i certainly enjoy reading the boat buzz items listed on your site. its unfortunate that they dont allow non members to post on the forum. not being a chris craft owner (streblow, 57 speedliner, 60 rebel) i have to draw the line somewhere on yearly dues! but ill keep reading.


  3. Randy
    Randy says:

    This header reminds me of the mid-1950’s weekly TV series “Crunch and Des”, starring Forrest Tucker. It was based on a series of short stories by Philip Wylie. I was about 10 or 11 when the show first appeared, so I had to beg my mom to stay up late enough to watch it. It featured the adventures of a sportfishing charter boat captain and crew on their 40′ MATTHEWS.

    Boy, I could write an entire article on this subject!!!!! Absolutely loved that show — why can’t we get that kind of entertainment today?

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