Countdown To Classic Boating In Hessel, MI – Only 84 Days Left… (Shoo Penguins!)

Breaking News out of Hessel, Michigan today… The National Weather Service is reporting a warmer than average winter this year, with temperatures in Michigan during March to be the warmest on record.

This is good news for Classic Boaters in Northern Michigan as the countdown to spring launch has offically started. If the weather holds and Alex can Shoo the Penguins away from his new crib dock, the classic boating season (which is scheduled to start on July 1st) should be only 84 days away! Just days before the traditional Fourth of July Celebration in Hessel.

Woo Hoooo!


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  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    Ok, clearly that pic was Photoshop-doctored. Because EVERYONE knows the Emperor Penguin has never been seen in Hessel after June 21. It’s only the Galapagos Penguin — the Spheniscus Mendiculus, with its breeding range of Galapagos Islands and Hessel — that’s found here when this photo was taken: August 27, 2009. Nice try tho Texx. You’re just bitter because the crew took the WoodyBoater wheel today, messed with your schedule, ate all the prize weenies, and drank all your rum.

  2. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Too warm Too soon it is throwing off my internal clock. Did Nero boat while Rome burned?

  3. Richard
    Richard says:

    Hate to burst bubbles but those of us that tough it out in Les Cheneaux all winter have learned to not get too excited by a few warm days. Remember guys it’s only April. Calling for snow tonight and tomorrow. I’ve seen snowstorms in May here before.

    Goods news for Friday though 50 and sunny!

  4. Richard
    Richard says:

    Hey Alex, can you break ice with Black & Blue? Thinking that deep V is good for more than just chop.

  5. Tom Mertaugh
    Tom Mertaugh says:

    I witnessed a Dodge Watercar go up and down the channel on March 20th this year, and the flocks of penguins cleared the way!! I have never seen spring so early as this year. Alex could have been boating since 3/18…..

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