Dear Lord, Where Did the Time Go. We Turned 9 Last Month!


The first photo ever published on Woody Boater – October 2007

They say, and its true, the older you get , you start forgetting how old you are.  Well, last month..October was our 9th birthday. making this our Tenth year! I, ugh, mmm, I don;t get it. Its felt like a week, or two.. Ok maybe 450 weeks or so. I started trying to look up some stats for this and honestly its all over the place because we have redesigned Woody Boater 3 major times.


Here is the first mast head – wow we had 10 readers a day. And I was thrilled

We started on Blogspot and that was fun and then it all exploded on the new Woody Boater and then again on the New New Woodyboater. We are close to 4,000 stories and I have no idea how many photos tens of thousands. As to comments, 50,000 thats right, 50,000 comments. We are way over 4 million Views and growing. To be honest, I am not sure how it all gets done, but it does. I know folks ask me all the time and I just don’t know. The fun fact is that we have not missed one day in 9 years. NOT ONE DAY! Power outages, web crashing, visiting Africa, business trips, all of it. The fuel that keeps it going is you, the one reading today and participating. Making life more fun and bringing your perspective to this crazy world.


Things got fancy in 2008


Here is our 2008 update! When we changed to Just

Back Camera

We never did find any readers in Wyoming! And we searched for them.


A huge thanks to Al Benton for being the first real Woody Boater out there. He kept the comments going!


And then this happened! KABOOM! Woody Boater was born as a leader in the Daily News for classic boating. The barn find of the Decade with Thayer IV and Mariah. I still can feel those attacks!


Did you have what it took. Yes, this shirt sold out three times. We are the sons of varnish!


Yeah, that happened one February! I think that caused some issues at a later date!


Big Woody! I got tired of making them. But a fun award for two years



We raised over $20,000 together against breast cancer in three years!



We have photo shopped and photo shopped til we dropped!


Created award winning ads for magazines to try and push the passion forward


Saved Valentines Day for many of you! how many new little Woodyboater are out there cause you made a special card?


Back in 2008 on our 200th posting. That was around 3600 posts ago! YIKES Thanks Chris!


Amanda, we rigged the voting on that one! Yikes, I think she got 3000000000 billion votes.. mmmmm


Hats! We made hats. Sorry, no more hats!


had fun restoring boats in public!


Paul and Karen Harrison always breaking down. This time in Montana! It still makes me laugh, and thankful!


Been on never enough boat rides with good pals

T shirts and more t shits. We now sell over 500 in two days at lake Dora!


People love a warm cup of Coffee varnish in the morning now!


Introduced the concept of “Preresric Boats” Hell Ya! Thanks Ramseys!


With help from LARRY and the Katzs marina gang we started socializing Fiberglass as a huge part of the Classic Boat Community! long live Larry!


Remember her? yes you do!


You have helped countless lost folks figure out what boat they owned! What IZ it still is one the most popular features

A good 5 minutes of our 15 promised by the universe on CBS Sunday Morning



We have watched family grow up! Salter as a young chap!


Lily is now a Teenager! I think, either way we are all old to her now and she hates us all!But we love her and Mr Chad the Dad!

And this very special shout out to my side kick and a true gentleman!


Texx! We would be just air without the quality and passion of the man known as simply “Texx” We owe so much to the man no one has seen!

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    • Tom Wilson
      Tom Wilson says:

      Sadly I’m but an occasional Woody Boater visitor these days, but after my 30 years in magazine editorial I must say nine years of non-stop daily work is incredible. People just don’t know how much work it is….

      And November 10… the U.S.M.C. birthday, so you’re in good company (the Marines formed in a bar).

  1. Pappy
    Pappy says:

    Hats off to all who make Woodyboater happen each and every day! The tales of the boats and their people do much to enhance the hobby and the lifestyle. Happy belated birthday!

  2. Don vogt
    Don vogt says:

    Congratulations, Matt!

    As they say, time goes fast when you’re having fun. This has developed into an indispensable part of the classic boat culture, thanks to you and Texx.

  3. Bob Kays
    Bob Kays says:

    The Woody Boater community would look a lot different without you and Texx. It wouldn’t even be called the “woody boater” community! Thanks! !

  4. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    told you before, tell you again:
    YOU are the Jon Wilson of the cyber age.
    That, my friend, is saying something.
    thanks for the memories in today’s post.

    John in Va.

  5. Rick
    Rick says:

    Thanks for all the misspellings, double entandres (sp?), virtual parties and exposure to shows worldwide. Let the good times keep rolling.

  6. Walter lucy
    Walter lucy says:

    I agree, great and always interesting email to wake up to every morning! Thank you for all your hard work.

    • Frank Eggert
      Frank Eggert says:

      Thanks Matt! Your impact on the Classic Boating Community has been something else. I seldom comment on here, but visit your site every morning without fail to enjoy the photos, comments and humor and wit (photos comments are my favorites?) that you dispense to us without fail. That you have not missed a day in nine years is something else. (Id like to see the comments if you skipped a day -just for fun…you might bring our a whole slew of new posters….lol)

      This forum is a welcome relief from most (all?) others where politics seems to eeek into the postings. Thank you all for keeping this focused on the hobby/passion we all share.

  7. Charles J
    Charles J says:

    As a relatively new member of the Woody Boater community, still fascinated by the incredible beauties you guys continue to bring to the site. Here’s wishing for many more years of success!

  8. Dennis J Mykols
    Dennis J Mykols says:

    Matt, what can I say, I have been on here since 2010 when I first got back into Classic Boating, with “Old School.” Finally got to meet you in person, and found out in the first 10 minutes of taking with you on the front porch at the Harsen Island picnic, that you were a down to earth, easy to talk to type of guy.
    We have become close friends, who else would drop everything at night in Tavares, to dive into a bilge to replace a friends bilge pump and save our Lyman from sinking?
    I also, do not know what I would do if one morning there was no WoodyBoater to read.
    Keep up the great work that you, Texx and all those behind the scenes, for producing one of the best sources promoting our hobby on a daily basis.

  9. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    Happy Birthday to WoodyBoater! And congratulations to Matt. Texx & the all the rest who bring us a great read each day! May there be many more.

  10. Jim Mersman
    Jim Mersman says:

    Happy Birthday Matt, Texx and everyone else involved! I remember our first days and we both needed trim tabs to control the ups and downs didn’t we. So glad things have worked out for you. The hobby is so much better off with what you bring to it. I hope it continues on!

  11. Don P
    Don P says:

    Happy Birthday Woodyboater and great thank you to Matt and Texx for all that you do. The lifestyle would not be the same with out everything you do.

  12. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    An indispensable part of the hobby! I look forward to many more years of discussions, entertainment and information from WoodyBoater. Thank you!

  13. Chris B
    Chris B says:

    Wow. its a super way of bringing to world of classic boats to one spot. I having enjoyed being part of it. Congradulations on your determination we enjoy everyday, will almost.


  14. Kentucky Wonder
    Kentucky Wonder says:

    WoodyBoater was the first place that Google brought us when we began investigating our Greavette runabout. Despite the mentions of Greavettes sinking in various lakes, we purchased Eau! Canada, and became daily readers and occasional contributors to WoodyBoater. It has been a fun ride ever since. Thanks for providing a place for information, entertainment and especially friendships between vintage boat fans!

    BTW, I still laugh loudly when reading the Shootout comments. That is some funny stuff!

  15. Bill Hammond
    Bill Hammond says:

    Many Happy Returns on the 9th Anniversary!! This is such a great site!! Thanks Matt, Texx and all the gang for the Woody Boating Boost every day!!

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