Dear Tommy, Love Woody Floater

Tommy and I having good belly laugh.

If you were following yesterdays comment section, no doubt you saw Tommy Holmes comment regarding the slow death of our back end of the website. I was very transparent about our situation and have always shared how things are going. Good…and bad. It’s not like Woody Boaters issues are not obvious.. APP and all sorts of technology issues. The world of technology changes daily, and it does take an ongoing effort to stay ahead of it. Oh, and its not cheap.

Tommy was named our Sexiest man alive years ago.

BTW, we are not asking for money, your donations at the start of the year covered a years worth of web hosting, The sponsors that did not pay for now close to two years, basically caused the long issue to come to a head with me covering the “red” books. Woody Boater is very much alive and about to get a ton stronger. The new site, is the same as you always have enjoyed but with a bunch of new features and search tools. Its also built on a brand new up to date platform.

No one likes change until you look back and realize how much better change can be

YOUR EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION. The platform we have been using is so out of date it wont take the new stuff. Like an old laptop or computer and not being able to update anymore. TRUST me I would love it all to me mechanical and analog. But this is the life I have chosen.

We may need a tow?

OVER THE NEXT WEEK, things are going to get wonkyer than normal. The new site will be switched over and “hopefully” all the data will transfer over smoothly. You may not even notice a change. Its that subtle.

I can take it…and love dishing it right back!

Back to Tommy. Mr Holmes.. Tommy is a great guy, funny, always willing to help, and enjoys poking me in the eye.. And by the way. I enjoy poking him back. He is one of the smartest guys I know and cracks me up all the time. I laughed so hard at yesterdays comment because I know Tommy is family. And it all comes from a place of humor. And yes I enjoyed correcting him and his spelling of Foater.. Stay Tuned. Its gonna be a long winter.

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  1. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    Good luck with the change to WoodyBoater 2.0 Matt, or whatever the latest update is.

    Hopefully it won’t be the winter of our discontent.

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Tommy get’s his panties in a bunch sometimes, but I am proud of him for always speaking his mind openly and not hiding behind some alias like Dim.

  3. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    As to the no pay deadbeats….last two years…..remember how bad those two years have been for all of us…Covid, gas prices, everything nuts…WTF
    who knows any more.
    My back is out, my knee is stiff and I am GOING BOATING. I can navigate the Chesapeake…let’s hope I can navigate the updates and changes…go for it.
    John in Va

  4. Matt
    Matt says:

    To add to the deadbeats. I discounted all the banners for the past three years to ocomidate for Covid related issues. But note, many were busier than before. And with inflation made more. And I held back to be a team player. Pissed? No. Disappointed. Yes! Great full for the reliable sponsors. 100% and repect them even more now.

  5. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    I missed yesterday’s post. Fingers crossed for a smooth transition. And, again, thank you for all you do. Woody Boater makes my day. I honestly don’t know where you get your energy: The site, your agency, the railway, and now that sweet paint job on Sweet Pea. When do you sleep?

  6. Cliff
    Cliff says:

    “Woody Floater” that’s just awesome for a man with a marine railway.
    What’s the story with the picture on todays header? The railway needs a Model-A pick up truck or something, …1950 Jeep pick up or a Studebaker Champ, International Wagon.

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