Did You Get Enough Snow Yesterday? 50 ish Days til!

A cold day in SWELL!

First and foremost, a HUGE thank you to all that donated yesterday. I should go off on a rant more often, although, that got a lot of crap out of my head and feel rather docile today. Then again, I don’t have much choice than to sit inside and work on backed up stuff. Like the Boatress’s Realtor website and some other local Reedville issues here that needs some help. We will share, its kinda cool, and will piss you of. Anyway.

Me and Mr B – Gonna write a song! 

Snow B

Mr B “Being” a jack rabbit

I did get a small chance to go out into the 20 degree freezer section of my life. HQ. Mr B just cant contain himself, HE LOVES IT. And I love that he loves it. Of course the second he gets into the house he is like a overloaded towel dripping all over, and well that turns into some running around with another towel, which he thinks is more fun. And so, another day down til Dora.

Heavy winds made some cool looking images

For those of you in Donate mode. And who isnt. I have some Jerry Lewis stuff from the past here. Why? Jerry Lewis and fund raising seem to work. We did this story years ago, and it’s fun to see the bitter side of Mr Lewis. We all have a bitter side.


If you want to see the Jerry Lewis story on his lawsuit with Chris Craft, CLICK HERE.

And if you want to watch the countdown widget on the Sunnyland Website, CLICK HERE

And if you are still stuck inside the home and crawling up the walls. CLICK HERE to all the  Rant related stories we’ve done. That’ll get you all fired up.

TO DONATE !!!!!!

If you wish to Donate to Woody boater and keeping us FREE to all. you can do that. HERE. 


8 replies
  1. Ralph J Cattaneo
    Ralph J Cattaneo says:

    I was in Ralphie’s world for the past 2 days and missed all the noise. Now that I’m up to speed, I chipped in.
    Thanks for all you do for the hobby. Be safe and make waves.

  2. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Its kind of cathartic every now and then to let that bitter side come out of hiding, kind of like stomping on the gas in a high performance car or firewalling the throttle. Clears the pipes out and one can move on with life. Unfortunately, our spouses get the brunt of that action sometimes even tho it is usually directed at something or someone else. But they’ll always take it personally. Kudos to the ladies who can deflect these outbursts and understand its direction.

  3. Phil Little
    Phil Little says:

    Wow! Jerry Lewis’s 65 ft. wood CC went down like a stone, at night, with 5 on board, off a dangerous Cal coastline (Navy ships have foundered due to weather off this coast) got dumped in the surf as his boat broke up on the beach, and….GOT ANOTHER BOAT AND WENT OUT AGAIN!!

    Now that, folks, is goddam boater, and a Woody Boater at that!

  4. David Hughes
    David Hughes says:

    If the cold weather keeps up on the Western Basin of Lake Erie I’ll soon be able to walk to Put-in-Bay!😮

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