Ebay Step Hydro, Countdown. 4:PM East Coast Time

Set your clocks

Here we go, we have some Saturday afternoon fun thats gonna happen today. And the ship is already warming up. As of 7 AM we are over $15K, and I would expect this to creep up. This is normal, people are testing the higher bid before them, and getting mentally ready to go higher.

What time is it in New Zealand

Your brain says, I am sticking to 12K, and then its blown away. So it takes time to adjust your mind set. Here are some tips that might help, or not.

  1. You cant loose on this deal. The price you pay, is the new set price for these boats. It’s a comp for valuation of other boats like this. So its between you and your bank ballance.
  2. Stick to what you can pay, don’t get carried away. There are always deeper pockets out there.
  3. Expect to have buyers remorse two seconds after buying it. WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST DO?
  4. You are bidding against some serious ebayers here. Know the tricks.
  5. Have two computers or devices open, maybe three and bid quick.

    Bruiser says he will bid his tennis ball

  6. The last minute of the auction will be nuts.
  7. The reason its not gone bonkers yet, is because the big bidders are trying to keep the price down. Dont be fooled.
  8. Tune in around 3:30 East coast time, 12:30 West coast and so on. I cant even figure out other places.

Tick tock tic tok

Thats it, you are on your own, and if one of us win, let us know. This will be an amazing journey to follow. Here is the link again – CLICK HERE! 

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    I think I will wait for your blow by blow wrap up story to find out what happens. Launching boats this weekend!

    • Steve Anderson from Michigan
      Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

      It’s 39 degrees and supposed to snow this week, Greg!?

      Stay home and bid on eBay stuff!

  2. Dennis Spillane
    Dennis Spillane says:

    Right now this boat is over $16,000. Ad a $40,000 restoration plus a trailer to restore it right. That’s minimum costs. You can buy a whole bunch of fun that’s done and use it right now for that amount. Life’s too short for 3-5 year projects!! This auction is an ego battle like most stuff you see on Bring aTrailer.

  3. Charlie Berry
    Charlie Berry says:

    My experience with large ticket items on EBay is quite often that the high bidder won’t step up either from buyers remorse or they weren’t serious from the start not to say that won’t happen here. Lots of chicanery at auctions.

    • Jeff
      Jeff says:

      I agree. It is a concern of mine too. (I am handing this sale for a relative)
      I have had this happen but EBay has a 2nd chance offer. You can offer it to the next bidder if the first doesn’t follow through. So, if the buyer does backs out we will most likely offer it to the next highest bidder.

  4. Grant Sinclair
    Grant Sinclair says:

    $16k? What a coincidence. That’s what I’m asking for my Chris Craft.
    I know. I’m shameless.

  5. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    This whole psychological game of snipping may be entertaining, but it’s foolish. Once you have determined your max bid, just enter it. It doesn’t matter if you do it now or at the last minute. If someone bids more, they were willing to bid more and the timing doesn’t actually matter at all!

    The only thing the last minute frenzy does is get you to make a rash decision, like to bid more than you should or want to. Don’t play that game!

    I suspect this boat is going to cost a lot more to restore than it will cost to buy (unless it really gets bid up). It’s not a very good user boat, so it really needs to be done right and be a show piece and part of a collection. The right buyer is someone with deep pockets who doesn’t care about the purchase price, restoration cost, or the fact that it will never be worth what they have into it.

    If that’s not you, all the multiple devices, sniping apps, and fake auction strategy won’t do you a bit of good. Best case you lose, worst case, you actually win!

    • Jeff
      Jeff says:

      I used to think that too. After loosing several auctions I tried a snipping software and it works.

      If you put in your max bid and let EBay automatically bid for you, it will just run up the price because it gives everyone a chance to outbid you.

      By snipping it will not stop other snipers if they are willing to pay more, but since it places your bid in the last few seconds it will stop those that don’t snip from running up the bid. I have won a LOT more auctions and paid less since I started using snipping software.

  6. Murdock
    Murdock says:

    The current offshore betting line has it north of 30K before it’s all over………
    For Matt and I, that buys a lot of stuff and re-do for our own endless pits of despair called a marine railway and a marina.
    There’s a fine line between “quaint” and “rundown”; Patti said we’re going for that “wanna be quaint” this third summer in the crawl, walk, run category.
    Know the best way to stop going boating?
    Buy one of the aforementioned projects……….😄

    • Dennis Mykols
      Dennis Mykols says:

      AMEN, brother. Been there, done that!
      Although I must admit, once I spruced up my Marina and made investments in equipment, and personnel in the first couple of years, then got all our racks and slips full, the Marina ran on cruise control. I was then allowed to boat with our customers, even put on several Poker Runs and two Offshore powerboat races.
      If it wasn’t for always having seasonal cash flow issues, we might still own the marina.
      But as Jimmy Buffett sings, “I pissed it away so fast”…

  7. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    $17,390$ now. (20:52 CST) Someone is just running up the bid and in the end will not get it is my guess.
    That is unless he is willing to pay A LOT for it.

  8. Jim G
    Jim G says:

    Its already passed what Miss Step first sold for which was 15,000.00 and it was a complete boat down to the original 2 blade race prop it came with. I saw that boat only a week or so when the banker who found it next to a barn bought it for 1250.00 It still had Bitch and asshole spray painted on the side of it. Mitch LaPointe bought it for the 15,000 already had a buyer for it and flipped it a couple of days later for 30,000.00. At the time it sold there were 2 restored ones for sale for 30,000 and 35,000.

    • Jeff
      Jeff says:

      Very interesting. I couldn’t find anything on sales price on any of these boats. Even restored but I am not in that circle either so I had no idea where to price it.
      We had multiple 10K offers once word got out and that told me it would bring more than that.
      Finally decided EBay was the best way to make sure my MIL got a fair price. Trying to take care of her. She would have left it outside to rot!
      Not a boat I want to pour all that work and money and then not be able to really get out and use it. I like big utilities and Sea Skiffs, something we take the kids out and ski and tube behind.

  9. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    It’s like Kenny Rogers sang in the gambler 🎶You got to know when to hold em know when to fold em know when to walk away know when to run🎶

  10. Dennis Spillane
    Dennis Spillane says:

    $49, 000 and change? Are you friggin kidding me? Who is that stupid. Opps , bubble over my head. Hey I’ve got an award winning original 1930 Model 99 that I’d let go for $150,000. Hahahaha

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