Flathead Valley Boat Show – More Boating News From Northern Montana, From Indoors

The Big Sky ACBS Chapter Booth

Every time we try to leave Montana this week, it seems to pull us back for more… Just kidding! While Paul Harrison was stranded in Browning, Montana last weekend, 90 miles down the highway the big Flathead Valley Boat Show was under way in Kalispell, Montana.

Fellow Woody Boater Tim Salt sent us a summary of the boat show with a few photos… So take it away Tim…

Texx – Here are a few shots from our local Flathead Valley Boat Show held this (last) weekend in Kalispell, MT. Featured in the Big Sky ACBS Chapter booth was Bill and Julie Robbins 1950 16′ Peterborough Speedster with a 25 hp 1952 Johnson outboard engine.

Flathead Valley Boat Show - Kalispell, Montana

A few show facts:

1. This is the 30th consecutive year for the Flathead Valley Boat Show.

2. This years show featured 8 dealers and 18 product vendors showing 77 boats.

3. The US Coast Guard Auxiliary, the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks, and the State Department of Agriculture (invasive species), were also represented.

4. Over 2,500 people visited the Flathead Valley Boat Show this year.

5. The Big Sky ACBS Chapter display promoted the hobby of Antique & Classic Boating, welcomed new members, and encouraged boaters to attend our August 6-7 Classic Boat Show in nearby Lakeside, Montana on the shores of beautiful Flathead Lake.

Big Sky ACBS Chapter Booth

The Montana Wooden Boat Foundation was also represented at the show with a booth. The foundation was formed by Big Sky ACBS members to “provide personal mentoring and educational programs designed to help out-of-school, at-risk and often adjudicated youths to return to school or find a career-path future through wooden boat building and on-water education.” “On hand were Montana Wooden Boat Foundation founders Bill Eisenlohr, Alex Berry and potential participant Conner Seyfert.”

Montana Wooden Boat Foundation

Thanks Tim for your report on the Flathead Valley Boat Show. Proof positive that the Antique & Classic Boating Hobby is alive and well in Northern Montana.


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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    It’s great that the NMMA works with ACBS Chapters throughout the country to provide space for us to promote our passion. The NMMA Boat Show in St. Louis was a huge success this year, for them and boat dealers. I can’t say the same for our ACBS Chapter.

    Last year we were given a prime space and had 15 boats and several displays set up. This year that prime space was rented to dealers at a premium. We were given an entrance foyer that held 8 very crowded boats. They were able to set us up with a small teaser booth inside so we could direct traffic to our display, out in the side foyer. What can you say, beggars can’t be too choosy.

    We’re still grateful for being invited, they did the best they could to get us in. For just 10 grand we could have had the space we occupied last year at no charge. They’re still committed to work with us and promised to do better next year. We’ll see…

  2. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    That 25hp Johnson outboard brings back a vivid childhood memory. My parent’s had one of about the same vintage on our 14′ Larsen fishing boat. It never did idle quite right. It died one day while Mother and I were out in the lake. She re-started it, in gear & was thrown out over the transom. The boat was running wide open, in circles, with the bow up in the air. When I crawled back there & shut it down a voice said, “I thought you’d never get back here”. My Mother had held onto the starter rope the whole time! Very scary.

  3. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    I would loved to have stopped in there, as Kalispell was my destination. I am sorry I missed it, espcially the little Peterborough. I have a simpler, more basic 16′ Peterborough Falcon and it is great to see them restored. My little ’46 Pete will be on the water this summer, but only with a ’46 9.7HP Evinrude Lightfour.

    Maybe next year I can make it, during a ski trip to Whitefish when I might just consider flying in!

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