Flight Of Fancy Hammers For 52,000.00

Live from the Mikkelson Collection Auction – Another of the featured boats today is “Flight of Fancy” – A rare 1942 Falls Flyer 21ft Deluxe Twin Cocokpit 140 HP Grey Marine inboard powered speedboat just sold for 52,000.00. Only two 21′ Deluxe models are known to exist.

Paul Mikkelson presenting the beautiful boat to the big crowd in attendance at the Willmar Civic Center.

Also, the very nice, all original Chris-Craft sign in the back ground just sold for 5,600.00! Wow – The signs are selling for very strong money today, collectible marine clocks / signs are also very popular with the bidders today, often selling for well over 1,200.00 each.

Stay tuned for more updates, now that we have discovered how to get access to the Internet connection here in the Civic Center… Woo Hooo!!


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  1. oldbaldguy
    oldbaldguy says:

    I hope Hagerty is taking note of these prices. That said my wife has disconnected the phone and is monitoring my computer usage to make sure I don’t call in a bid. Does my daughter REALLY need a full 4 years of college? She seems pretty smart after just 2. That’s already equal to 2 Flights of Fantasy gone forever.

  2. Texx
    Texx says:

    Ooops – We thought you told us to bid on your behalf… We won’t tell, but it might be too late to turn back now.

    But on the birhgter side, you will be the only guy at your lake with one…

  3. Alex
    Alex says:

    Happy to see utterly cool boats and real-deal artifacts command figures that, for their rarity and condition (and, in the case of the boats, for their sizes) seem appropriate — at least to me. (I’m also relieved, since it would have killed me to have missed out on screaming Flyer bargains.)

    I’ve got to believe anywhere these Flyers turn up will be enriched by their uniqueness. Would it be too much to dream that someone from the Hessel area will bring one home? Probably. But wherever they turn up, I hope the new owners will put the boats in the water and use them. Spread the smiles and share the joy.

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