Gone Fish’n, Gasp’n, And Fun’n!

Capt Fisher takes us out 7 AM

Yesterday and today its like a perfect summer day here in Virginia. 75 yesterday and 80 today. So, I followed my own advice and left work, and headed to the water. Jimmy had planned a large fishing trip, and it seemed like the perfect way to spend a day. And man oh man, it sure delivered. Sorry no classic boats today, just classic fun with a fun group of people. BTW, the Boatress LOVES fishing. So today she had to enjoy the company of 14 fishing buddies.

The Gang headed out

Past The Pride Of Virginia Seafood

“The Stack” A Reedville landmark, this is the second largest fishing port in the US. A very rich history of fishing and is still a working fishing village

Going by the Omega plant

Dr Lewis’s amazing land mark dock. This is the mouth of the Great Wicomico River. Ingrem Bay.

it’s never to early to start eating the home made potato chips

Or other stuff. The breakfast of champions

Morning sky!

Others heading out to the Chesapeake Bay

Headed into some fishing. The fish were jumping

The Omega folks headed out as well.

Fishing Buddies

There is a fleet of Omega Protein boats. Several headed out durring the morning. This has been a tradition in Reedville for over 100 years. At one time boasting over 13 Fish Factories.

Our host, Jimmy who is now fully bearded.

Lets get this party started

Captain Fisher looking for fish!

My old Chum!

The Sun is coming up

More fishing buddies. Jimmy and the Boatress.

Patrick….on the phone. Patrick just had a baby girl, and got a short vacation voucher from his bride.

Here we go!

Getting the lines in

Next week here in Reedville is the Oyster Roast! A huge turnout and if you love Oysters the big event of the year at The Reedville Fishermens Museum

Time for KC’s Famous Fried Chicken. A Local Favorite!

Lots of birds. They know where the fish are

Swooping in

Symmetry in flight

Mark, our First Mate on the Boat

More Birds coming in

Fish Fish everywhere

A reminder.

Not A Chum Free boat though

Everyone having fun on a beautiful day

The Boatress of course was giving everyone a run for there money and can dish the crap right back!

A huge thanks to Jimmy for organizing the trip with Capt Fisher and his first mate Mark. The boat is amazing, and very well run. So how did we do? Well, we hit our limit of Blue Fish. And came short on Rockfish. The large ones are in the creeks. We are catching those off the dock. But man oh man the Blue Fish are a fun fight and taste like Butta!

Fish tonight, fish for breakfast, fish sticks, fish desert, fish snacks, fish fries, fish cocktails.

You can visit Captain Fishers Charter web site HERE!

Want more info on the Oyster Roast? Click Here!

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  1. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.) says:

    Man this is something. The first comment. Great pics. Reminds me of a charter fishing trip/bachalor party I was on in Lake Erie Any bloody marys on board?

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    If we come next weekend we can enjoy the oyster roast and the fish fry you, Jimmy and the Boatress can put on. Maybe we’ll bring a few perch and walleye for a little tast of Michigan too.

  3. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Heading out on the James below Richmond…cruisn……they have fish at McDonalds….but that sure was a great story about a neat trip…..80 today in ole VA!

    Matt’s best catch was the Boatress anyway…..

    Going Boating!
    John in Va.

  4. Rick
    Rick says:

    Yes plenty of blues around here also., along with albies, a blast from the kayak. The big rockfish ( we call them stripers) are still up in RI for us as the water is just starting to cool.

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