Great, Just Great, Someone Stole My Identity On Facebook. Wait.. What?


And not sure if I should correct it, after all they are doing a better job of making friends than I am. Or would want to. I started getting calls from folks yesterday. They knew is wasnt me because I? it? Her, Him was to polite. And get this, spelled all the words right. So here is a dilemma. Do I let him, her, it keep going. They are reaching out to people and might be growing my Facebook friends. No politics or other crap?

Fake conversation with Mark

Kinda like that old joke about the person that stole his wives purse and its okay cause they were spending less. Thanks to Mark Setterholm who figured it out by asking some simple questions. And Woody Gal who said I was way to polite. HA.

All kidding aside, I went in and looked over all “my friends” first thing.. Wow, I have lots of friends that are no longer living. That’s depressing. But they are all dead now as friends. And then there was.. WAS.. an entire list of people that I am sure are some sort of robots. GONE, and then many, and this is where you come in. Manny woody boaters. Years ago I separated my accounts to have a personal one and the Woody Boater one.

From Woody Gal

SO here is the promise. I WONT and HAVE NEVER SENT A FRIEND REQUEST! I never was or am a person that feels comfortable asking for anything. This worked out very poorly for me in my dating years. And currently in business. I don’t ask for anything. SO IF YOU GET A FRIEND REQUEST FORM ME, IT”S SPAM, OR SOMEONE PRETENDING TO BE ME. In fact I am embarrassed that my friends are being bothered by whom ever is pretending to be me.

ME – BTW, I never really use my personal page. NEVER. Like a land line, all that seems to happen is crap calls. All my activity is one post a day on the Woodyboater page.

Which of course invites the ultimate question, why would anyone want to impersonate me? How pathetic of a human turd must you be to see me as something worthy. Now if you will excuse me, I need to go pee again, take more Tylenol, just to be able to walk into the shower and wash whats left of my hair. Why again would anyone want this?

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  1. Glen
    Glen says:

    It’s a common way to fish info from people. Make a fake account pretending to be someone and then friend/message people linked to the “real” person. Some people will reveal a lot of information over messenger, leaving them open to having their accounts hacked or identity stolen, or just plain ole defrauded. The more info about you that is available to the public, the easier it is to clone you. They can easily pull pictures, copy your interests, etc. Social media – “what could go wrong?”

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