Hacker Boat Co. Moves Ownership.

Lake George , NY. – Hacker boat Co.
Controlling interest of the Silver Bay-based Hacker Boat Co. Inc. has been sold.
Announced Monday : Former Hacker President Lynn Wagemann has sold his interest to George Badcock, of Lake George. Wagemann took control of the company in 2004. Badcock owns Erin Investments, LLC. Erin Investments first began buying interest in Hacker in 2009. The 103 year old boat company built a new 32,000-square-foot production plant in Ticonderoga in 2009.

Company officials said the exchange will have no effect on business operations.

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  1. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Wow that is news! I meet Lynn at the Ticonderoga workshop last year. Both the factory and the older premises at Silver Bay are wonderful. I’d rather be doing that than Advertising this week! Arrghh

  2. Capt. Jim Shotwell
    Capt. Jim Shotwell says:

    Matt: We all owe Lynn Wagemann a gaint thank you for stepping in when the Hacker Boat Co needed new blood and keeping it going {not easy task} till George Badcock came along to take the company to the next level. Its great men like these that should make us all proud to be part of the hobby. Safe travels Lynn and good luck to George.

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