Hagerty Marine Insurance Hurricane Help Desk, Standing By.

Chris and Carla are in a safe dry place.. Ya, we got hurricanes for one day.. but they have WINTER for 8 months!!

As a Public Service for all Woody Boaters and the Chris – Craft Antique Boat Club Members. Chris and Carla from Hagerty Marine Insurance are standing by and monitoring Woody Boater and Boat Buzz for any questions you may have regarding your insurance for your boat. Like, am I covered if a tree lands on my boat, Am I covered if I bought an Ugly boat, If I live in Kansas and it rains hard is that part of the Hurricane? But if you live in let’s say Virginia and you just found your boat on top of your dock.. .. Well first send pictures.. In fact send any pictures from the storm.. To either me or Texx.. He is out West.. Chris And Carla  are in Michigan and far away from this weekends impending East Coast Smack Down.. I am running off to our River house to secure boats and honker down with the Boatress after all her Earthquake Manicure Mess.. She was  invited to Sir Richard Bransons house .. for some r and r and a manicure but.. that burned down.. Damm.. I hate that when that happens.. So I may be out of power, thus internet, and or phone service.. OH GOD, that gives me chills just thinking about that.  We are expecting what is called a 100 year storm surge.. Ouch.. Woohoo, I am going Woody Basement Boating. If you have any questions, comment away and hopefully your questions will be answered..

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  1. ARRRGH!
    ARRRGH! says:

    Matt, you and the Boatress are welcome to evacuate to our place in Florida! It aint Branson’s, but I have beer!

  2. Woody
    Woody says:

    Ha!!!! We are on our way.. Wait.. I would need to go through north Carolina.. The hurricane state! Ahhh

  3. Rick
    Rick says:

    Got propane for grillin’ and a generator so we can continue to make ice and run the blender! Yea, I think that’s everything.

  4. ranger
    ranger says:

    un-freaking-believable…an east coast earthquake and a hurricane and it ain’t even the weekend yet!

    having spent our formative years in the florida keys, a hurricane party is the only way to go, rick has the right idea!

    everyone in irene’s path are in our thoughts. we had only squall lines winds inland (20 miles) and have been picking up palm fronds since yesterday…just wasn’t in the mood for a hurricane…and feel guilty that i am grateful it didn’t hit us…but, really could there be a worse path?

    if you have a generator to keep the fridge going, may we suggest you make up some salads; egg, tuna, chicken, shrimp, etc…you won’t feel like cooking if it gets too hot (florida) during the day (especially after cleaning up acres of down tree limbs) and if you are without power (no a/c) for a few days baloney gets old fast! cold showers are a drag, too.

    uh-oh feeling guilty again!

  5. WAYNE
    WAYNE says:


  6. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Be safe Matt. Just make sure everythings secure with your boat and hope for the best. Remember this is why Haberer exists. There are some new projections for this storm heading towards Scranton, PA. If that happens we well have another Flood of 72 when a hurricane sent wide spread damage through PA. So while everyone might joke around about PA getting hit no one really knows where this is going.

  7. anonymous
    anonymous says:

    What? No new WoodyBoater today? Matt must be getting lazy, it’s not like he’s getting hit with a hurricane or anyt…………….um, wait, ok, maybe he is. Or maybe too much hurricane partying last night. Much more likely! LOL

  8. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    OK, Matt has an excuse for the lack of new stories, a pretty weak excuse seeing as it is a mere cat 1 drizle, but at least is is something. How about Texx though?

    He should be 2000+ miles from Irene so I think he needs to step up to the plate!

  9. Texx
    Texx says:

    Ha – That old Harley-Davidson is like riding a Lazy-Boy chair down the road, so no Prep H required. If the weather looks good, another bike trip to Lake Geneva may be on the radar… Fall is the best time to ride the back roads through the mid-west.

    We have a number of interesting stories from our recent road trip to Lake Tahoe. A rare Schillo runabout, a cool Mercury from California, a Stan Craft Torpedo from a field in Montana, an original Century Palomino still in use, and even a story about the original Woody Boater… Once Irene passes.

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