HAHAHH Chicken Cow Drive Me To Your Refrigerator! HHAHAHAHHA….


Has Woody Boater snapped? Has putting over 40,000 miles looking for classic boats this year pushed the outer limits of the disease? Is this what happens when you don’t treat it ? hahahahahVarnish Reed Prince Rabbit stew!!!!! Maybe.. Yesterday was a fun diversion from what has been the most intense month in Woody Boater history. Traffic is double from last year and so has the input and opportunities… It is not over.. NO sir.. Tomorrow and Saturday Texx has more boat history for you with a story on The Minnesota Lakes Maritime Museum… then on Monday.. A mini series on the classic boats of On Golden Pond.. What I will say.. is if you miss this Monday you will not be in what will be a nation wide conversation. Its the 30th year of the production of the film and we have found history in a barn. And the fantastic restoration of 1 of the 4 Thayer IV’s… Yes I said 4!!!!!! We also have an interview with one of Hollywood’s greatest Marine coordinators Pat Curtin.. The story on these Golden Pond boats and Pat are 2 years in the making!

“Glassy Morning”, by artist Larry Steinrock

After that a series on some amazing artists that also contribute fantastic imagery to our hobby.. Artists Larry Steinrock and photographer George McInnis.. So stay tuned… Now back to my drool cup.. It’s time for my pills….

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    Anonymous says:

    Thankyou for showing us the far side of the bell curve and what can happen if you let yourself go. And go you did. All that time on the road and not in a boat. Is it the irony of wood boat madness is the worse it gets the more time you spend out of your boat, if you even have one?
    Send Help!!!!!!!

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