Happy Birthday (Buon Compleanno) To Roy Dryer – Fine Artist And Riva Junior Owner


For over three decades, fine artist Roy Dryer has used his unique artistic style to capture the timeless beauty and charactor of many antique & classic boats, and has also made significant contributions to the antique & classic boat hobby.

Since 1984, Roy has created the official poster for the Lake Tahoe Concours de Elegance held each year in Carnelian Bay. If you have a program or collector tee shirt from the Lake Tahoe Concours over the years or the South Lake Tahoe ACBS boat show, Roy’s artwork is there.

As noted in Roy Dryer’s website, his artwork is not limited to just boats…

Roy’s artwork has focused on commissioned work celebrating peoples’ passions for exotic, classic, antique, and racing automobiles, the beauty of wooden boats, and aircraft.

Today is Roy Dryer’s birthday, so let’s band together to wish Roy a “Happy Birthday” here at Woody Boater.

During the summer boat show season, Roy can often be seen on Lake Tahoe aboard his very cool 1966 18′ Riva Junior “Friva” with camera in hand. And according to our sources, it’s not unusual to see Roy steering with his feet while trying to capture that perfect classic boat photo on the water.

Earlier this week, Woody Boater featured some vintage photos of Brigette Bardot aboard her Riva Junior. (you can click here to see that story) Here’s some fun facts and photos of this unique Riva Junior model courtesy of Don Ayers and the Riva Forum.

– The Riva Junior was introduced in 1966 to replace the Florida series, and was produced until 1972 with a total of 626 hulls built.

– Side painted white for easy maintenance.

– The new design of the transom was to keep spray away from the passengers in the back.

– The Riva Junior was launched with the slogan, “It’s the young peoples rocket”.

– The early series used the silver and black Chris Craft SW instruments.

Interesting design was the side mahogany grab rails with the incorporated air vents build into the chrome forward end. (I like the unique center seat layout with side access… You can click on the images to enlarge them for a better view – Texx)

– There were three bottom series throughout its production. In early 1967 the dead rise was increased with hull number 129 and the new VDO pastel instruments started with hull 162.

– Started with the 1968 series, hull 239, the final definitive bottom was introduced.

– The two basic engine options were the Riva Crusader 180 hp (305 cubic inch) and the Riva 190 (327 Cu in).

You can check out Roy Dryer’s website and see some great examples of his artwork by clicking here.

Thanks to Don Ayers and the Riva Forum for providing the vintage Riva Junior brochure images and photos for this story. You can click here to check out the Riva Forum.

Have a great birthday celebration Roy and thanks for all you do for the hobby.


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