Happy Fathers Day! It’s Your Special Day Dad.

Best Dad ever! From Ken Furrer – Taken around 1960 Mom Dad and ME!

For all you Dads out there, I am sure today you are being asked what you would like to do. Don’t tell them the truth. No one wants you too go out in the garage, drink beer listen to load music and work on your boat. BTW, just like your Dad did. But he didn’t. Chances are he took you all out on the boat, went fishing, and you and him had a great time. Mom was home making a special dinner, and the summer day just went on and on until a large slice of pie finished it off.

He is someones Dad now – Lake Hopatcng

Of course mom was empty inside, being the family slave, and by this point was a closet alcoholic. Cheating on dad with the neighbor Tony, who was a car salesman. Tony’s wife Bitsy was the town Hotty, and she thought Tony walked on water. Oh, wait, water. Ya, we are talking boats, dam Mom and Tony. Ya know come to think about it, my younger brother looks like Tony . mmm that’s odd. So Fathers Day, that clueless idiot. That’s what ya get for wanting to spend all your time in the garage , drinking beer and working on your boat. Yikes that got a bit dark fast.  How about some happy dad shots from our past?

Fellow Woody Boater Bob Menea and his Dad at the helm

From Kelly Wittenauer – is my father in his Aristocraft Seaflash. Here is the shot cleaned up but not cleaned up

From Biggest Balls Winner David Konick – This is my Dad on our 19 foot 1955 Cruis-Along Buccaneer. This picture taken at Lynch’s Marina on Pilottown Road in Lewes in the Summer of 1955 or 1956. We got this boat after our outboard turned over in the Lewes & Rehoboth (Delaware ) canal in the summer of 1954, and I almost drowned when I was a year and a half old. My mother told him if he was going to take us kids out any more, he better get a boat that wouldn’t turn over, so he got the CruisAlong. I am pretty sure it had an 85 HP Graymarine engine. It was built by M.M. Davis & Sons over in Solomons MD. My memories of this boat are many. When it got rough, my father put my up under the front deck and I laid on the anchor rope. I remember many a day watching sheets of spray flying over the canvas top and into the back of the boat and the sound of the waves crunching on those lapstrake planks. We kept the boat until 1958, when we got a larger, twin-screw 30 foot Egg Harbor.

David Konick and His Son burried in tan lapstrake love.. What a fantastic way to spend Fathers day Weekend! St Micheals

Great family father and sons team. The LaDonnes

Another Father Son Team. Seth and Sean, Shawn, Saun. Shawn

One of the greats! Don Sr

Christian & Dad – Govt Bay

DADS FIRST BOAT  – Not sure who this is from? Maybe Bob Kays


My father on the left durring WW2 and my mom Left. Aunt far right

Also from Bob Kays – my Grandfather in his 1956? Fleetcraft. Mahogany decks and pink or coral fiberglass hull. Hi did not want to deal with a wood bottom so he thought he would try this new fiberglass. I don’t remember the boat, though we do have a photo of me in the boat. I wonder if anyone in Woody Boaterville knows of a model of this boat still out there.

It’s not just women who were made to look dumb.. Here is another classic, like on fathers day men all sit around and “talk” not that there is anything wrong with that?

My son Hank and I in Quimby Country Vermont after working on a sunfish

One of our favorite stories on “Snazzy’s” Father and Daughter restoration

Sitting with my father on a 45′ River Queen boat..bored. I would give the world to be board like that again with my father and grandfather.

The Turner Dads – What a fantastic family

The father of Aristo-Craft

The Father of Chris Craft

Share your Dad shots today!


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  1. DougP in the PNW
    DougP in the PNW says:

    My Dad, Bruce, in 1948 with me in stern. Have tried to find maker of boat. Picture is on the Scugog River below Lindsay Ontario and the Trent Canal. My Dad served in the Royal Canadian Navy and crossed the Atlantic 17 times in convoy duty in WWII

  2. RH in Indy
    RH in Indy says:

    Heading out for a Father’s Day ski this morning.
    Love the “Dad boat load 1948” pic!

  3. Tparsons56
    Tparsons56 says:

    In the 60’s my dad would take us on trips all throughout the Great Lakes into Canada on our 1951 31’ Express using nothing but charts and a compass. One year he bought a Heathkit radio direction finder and spent all winter putting it together – it was a big box with a moving antenna on top that we loved to play with.

    I still have his charts and like to look at his markings with course bearings, estimated speed, time to objective, course deviation and many other notes. A whole different world than using a GPS – you had to know what you were doing.

  4. Tparsons56
    Tparsons56 says:

    Being that my three adult children all live in Seattle now (I’m in Michigan) I’m going to spend the day painting deck strips. Not too bad, however, as I have my Eagles, Chicago, America & Santana cd’s ready to go in the dusty old boom box in the garage.

  5. mark
    mark says:

    My father in one of his “newer” boats, 1973 Monza jet boat, my father is gone now but I own this fantastic piece of history. It started its’ life as a “dingy” on a 100′ yacht in South Florida. We saw this boat at the garage part of Dan Burns Oldsmobile as it needed some engine work (455 Olds). It was two years old then. My father had to have it and worked out a deal.We’ve owned it ever since. Would love to know more about the original owner and see this boat mounted on the yacht………

  6. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    Wow, I was ready to post a couple of pictures of my dad, Joseph Myszkowski, and as I scrolled thru Matt’s pictures, there he is! That’s my Dad in the mystery photo that Matt did not know who it was. And that’s me in the boat, the only one with a lifejacket on.
    AND yes, the next picture is me in Dad’s loaded boat, circa 1949?
    Here is another picture from 2005, at 90 years old, still cruisin…
    Thanks, Matt.

  7. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I keep saying that I have to digitize some of the old pics.

    Anyway going out for a picnic lunch on one of the islands with daughter Sam, son in law Jason and Mom. Gonna be a good time!

    Here is father in law, Bob, in my WB hat, and Sandi during the first launch of AB.

  8. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    Don’t care about fashion, but what about the colors on that cruiser in the Wilson Bros. add. Kinda cool. I like it.

  9. John Bailey
    John Bailey says:

    River Queen? River Queen?? An honest to goodness scow front, welded steel River Queen???

    Built in Northwest Indiana in the Miller section of Gary, In with their factory on U.S. 12. Rollie Peterson owned the company. Not many left, but there is one in a boat yard on Burns Ditch in Portage a few miles from the original factory.

    Nice memories seeing someone who had one!

    I still live a couple miles away on the beach of Lake Michigan. Growing up, there was a Shepard (The Lone Wolf), a couple Centuries and Chris-Crafts, but a ton of River Queens nosed onto the sandy beaches of Indiana on Lake Michigan!

  10. Jeff Rogers
    Jeff Rogers says:

    A fun story indeed. Thanks Matt for sharing the photo of my Dad and nephew (Christian) on Government Bay of northern Michigan’s Les Cheneaux Islands.

    And here’s a father/son photo of my Dad and I picking up yet another classic Chris Craft. Those old boats did have a habit of following us home… 😉

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