Happy New Year 2011 & We Forgot To Say Thanks To The Captain Of The Ship


I would like to interrupt the regular scheduled programming – Matt’s “Best of 2010 Series” to wish everyone a Happy New Year and to say thanks to the Captain of the Woody Boater ship.

We have lots of fun putting these stories together and Friday morning’s “Best of 2010 – Woody Boaters” story was a good example of what it takes some days. At 3:00 AM Pacific Time I just checked in to a hotel after a 20 hour round trip drive to deliver “Zsa Zsa” (my 1952 Chris-Craft Riviera) to Ryan Trailers in Oregon for her new trailer. It was 6:00 AM Eastern in Virginia and Matt e-mailed me, asking me to proof read the story because he was concerned that he was going to forget to include someone in the story.

Matt’s a “Morning Person” and I’m a “Night Hawk.” If we are working on a story together, because we are on opposite sides of the country, it’s very common for Matt & I to communicate live via e-mail in order to get the story out on time in the morning. Nine e-mails back and forth exchanging names and images and a few hours later the story was ready to be published. Matt went to work and I went to bed in the hotel for a few hours.

Later that day, we spoke by phone about how the story came together and we laughed and laughed like a couple of teenage girls at the beach… At one point I had to pull off the highway I was laughing so hard. That’s a normal day behind the scenes at Woody Boater and that’s why we enjoy it so much – We are always having Fun!

Here’s the Captain posting live updates from the Warner Collection Auction on his trusty iPhone, Matt doing what he’s best at – with his unique style of wit and humor like no other… What a great weekend that was…

Regardless if it’s creating a story, attending a boat show or an auction, or just coming up with fresh new ways of presenting a Woody Boater story, Matt’s “Energizer Bunny” level of enthusiasm and creativity in infectious.

In our efforts to get the Friday Woody Boaters story completed and published, we forgot to mention one important person. So please join me to say THANKS to Matt Smith, the Captain of the Woody Boater ship. We appreciate everything that you do for the hobby and the opportunity to stay in tough with the Daily News from the World of Antique & Classic Boats on Woody Boater.com

Now back to our regular scheduled programming… It’s now 2011 and before long the snow will be off the mountains and the lakes will once again be ready for a New Year of Woody Boating…
I for one can’t wait for the 2011 boating season to start again!

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks to everyone that make up this site….those that create it,and those that make the news!!!!

    Happy Woodyboating New Year

  2. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Very well said, Texx.

    Matt, Thank You:
    For your Energetic Daily Posts
    For your Great Since of Humor
    For your Dedication to the Hobby
    For your Endless Passion of the Hobby

    I just noticed there were more posts last year than there were days in the year, another first. Congratulations to you, Matt Smith and thanks for the memories.


  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks to the Woodyboater staff! Although I'm not always on board with the topics, I nonetheless look forward to reading your posts every day. Cheers,

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Many thanks, Matt, for making the boating world – and our world – a lot more fun. It would not have been the same without you . . . and Texx! It was . . . well, ARRRGH!-ilicious!!!!!!!!! (Yeah, that's a really good thing!) :~)


  5. Bob
    Bob says:

    Thanks Matt, Texx and everyone else that makes Woody Boater happen. My daily visit to the site really helps me through the hard-water Michigan winter. Speaking of which, any Woody Ice Boaters out there?

  6. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    YES! John Kadimick just put his together on lake Hopatcong.. But its 50 degrees there today..

  7. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Well said Texx. This blog that the wonderful irrepressible Mr Smith started has captured a lot more than just those interested in Wooden boats. Its quite truly changed the pattern of my daily life and hundreds of others I'd bet. It's the way Ive begun each day since discovering the blog 3 years ago. If for some reason I'm unable to get to see it its always an exciting thing to look forward to on my return. Woody boater blog has replaced the morning paper the TV news and yesterdays unopened mail in our house. Its connected me here in New Zealand with the world of wooden boats and it has even helped me buy the boat of my dreams at the Mecum Auction. Ive talked to Mat both on the blog and personally over this past year and his enthusiasm is infectious. I have the cap the drink bottle and the t shirt.
    I read yesterday that some pointy headed economist at ' Website Outlook' ( the perfect place to evaluate any website ) ranks Woody Boater blog at 13783001 in the world based on traffic and points out that it makes a whopping $2.24 a day. They finish with the news that the Woody Boater blog has an estimated worth of $1635.20.
    For us its worth a million times that.
    Quite sincerely, thank you Mat.

  8. Rick
    Rick says:

    A belated Happy New Year to you Matt. If Phil's numbers are correct you are obviously doing this for the love of it since it doesn't look like the income even covers your electric usage for the computer. Thanks for another year of fun and laughs and I'm looking forward to more. But changes? (I've just arrived back home and already read the next blog. Article? What do we call it now?).

  9. james brady
    james brady says:

    We are expanding our Spring show and over our 22 year history have had many requests about classic boats. I would like to invite al of the woddy/classic boat owners and vendors to our 3/25 – 3/27 2011 show. Have a beautifula asphalt pad right on Lake Lloyd inside speedway with electric and water hookups. It’s a 3 day show with around 50,000 spectators. Classic car show and swap meet, cycle show, food vendors, antiques & crafts, celeberty racers, charities and many other features. Lots of live tv, radio and press coverage. If someone could e-mail me or call my cell 386-290-2580 and give me a name & contact number, I would love to have you guys with us, Jimmy

  10. matt
    matt says:

    And you miss spelled Woody.. We love you if not just for that. Email me the info and we will do a story on this so you are not burried in the comment section.. MAtt

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