Hey Finland, We Need Your Help Over Here To Beat The Heat.

Hot as hell

Did I mention its also humid

Hopefully this reaches some of our Finland readers, or if you are from Finland, or from a family that is from Finland we need you to cool things here down a bit. For those of you not familiar with the Finish. As in people from Finland, they have special powers and can control the weather.


Here is a cool boat from Finland we featured a ways back. Her name Snabbgående Experiment Motorbåt

OK, sure this fact may be a bit dated… like a maybe 600 years or so again, but it was true at some point, and the Vikings wouldn’t allow anyone from Finland on board there ships because of this.. So that’s something. Regardless of facts, and modern science, we need all we can get to cool things down. So, Fins, start your mind bending, what ever it is that you do to make it cooler over here. And could you do an extra blast of rain to our chums on Lake Hopatcong New Jersey. The lakes a little down and they could use a foot more of water. Poor Bob “have I Got A Calendar For You” Kays who lives on Lake Hopatcong is trying all sorts of tricks.

make it rain bob

Oh Bob! Christmas in July? Bring on the rain. Watch out for snow!

Aparently dancing around a Christmas tree makes it rain? OK, so bob went full Christmas tree? What are you doing to help?

Make it rain

The Hopatcong Gang dancing around the Christmas tree-ish thing. Come on Rain!

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  1. Jari Vanhatalo
    Jari Vanhatalo says:

    Greetings from Finland! I am about to hop on a ferry to Estonia and was just checking the weather forecast. It’ll be little cooler couple next days. Well, at least now I know the reason. Although it’ll still be dead calm so maybe I need to practice little bit more my power over weather.

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    If you change your settings to Celcius, the forecasted temperatures look a lot lower. I think that is just as effective as hiring a Fin, and a lot cheaper and quicker.

  3. Dan Lynch
    Dan Lynch says:

    Can any one help, I have a 56 Blue Arabian I was told the hull numbers are stamped on the transom . Unfortunately it was replaced long ago. Is there any place else it can be fond ?

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