Hi, My Name Is Woody.. And I Have ABD…


Below is a comment that came in yesterday, it came in Anonymously… This quote summed up the situation best and was actually surprisingly comforting. Thankyou…I was having an attack of ABD.. Attention Boater Disorder….It is very active in the Springtime. It must be activated by the sun, because ever since Lake Dora it’s taken everything to not fill up my barn.. Thanks Anonymous.

 Anonymous said…
First eat BBQ and drink beer to settle the nerves. Second remeber you cannot own all the boats that there are or that you are attracted to. Third remember that you have an advanced case of wood boat madness in full bloom. Go see the racer. It will probably be too expensive. Go see the big Chris. It will be cheap to buy and too expensive to own, in time and money. You might want to still to get the Whirlwind but do it only if you can get it at a good price and get it later when it is more convinent. Then take one of the boats you already own or borrow a local craft and go for a boat ride. And always remember that it is alright to keep dreaming. Good Luck. Better You Than Me.
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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    ABD isn't all that bad, it's what keeps this hobby alive and well. If we all took the precautions that Anonymous prescribed the hobby and industry would come to a grinding halt. I must admit, ABD an infliction that many of us have been affected by but once it's in the blood, there's no real cure. You just need to keep it at a reasonable level, not let it get to you, go with the flow, and, well, maybe get a bigger barn.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I agree with Paul H from yesterday. See at Silver Springs on May 14th!!!!!!!!!!! And I want a ride in the Whirlwind!


  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Chronic conditions can be managed. I believe you will get all the boats you need. Need is a realtive thing. You can't eat a boat, or can you. Taking advice is sometime a good thing. Like count to ten before you jump. If you really love the boat taking the time to clear your mind will not stand in the way of you being together. In the back of you mind the idea of keeping things in perspective is good because you do not want too many boats, where the care can suffer. That is where my kudos go out to the Woody Boater. He has found a way and invested the energy to infect others to help maintain the antique and classic boat stock that still remains. My thanks to him and his support of the community and all the wood boats out there.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I agree with Anonymous #4, the header is very nice. I'm a little curious what the lady woody boater is carrying in her brown paper bag though. Do you suppose it's their lunch or something else that may be much more interesting? Hummmm! Just what is in that bag???

    Anonymous #1, the bigger barn idea isn't bad, it is planning well into the future. Some 50 or 60 years from now someone needs to have a barn full of old woody boats to find.

    Anonymous #3 is right on the money, Woody Boater has done more than his fair share in spreading the word, and the affliction. But it's a good thing, right???

    Anonymous #2, be sure to wear a tee shirt that says "Anonymous #2" in large letters front and back and I'm sure you'll get a ride in the Whirlwind at Silver Springs.

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I'm the guy who saved you, I purchased the Whirlwind. This will be my second Whirlwind. I love these boats and have a hard time passing them up.

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