Hobany, Back In The Fabany!

Whats the story on Hobany’s name? Read on

We got a wonderful Name Story from fellow Woody Boater John Smith, I think this is a different John Smith than the one that explored around here in Virginia and The Chesapeake Bay. But maybe he retired to California like all the other celebs. Maybe he traded in his boat for a Century. That makes sense.

Hey John we have your real old family  boat here in Reedville. 



This boat is a 1956 Century Resorter 18ft. My Grandfather bought it brand new in 1956 in Alameda Ca. Do not know which boat dealer. My dad and his brother Bud had classic cabins on Lake Tahoe 6 doors from each other in Carnelian Bay, Ca. We all spent the summers at Tahoe until 1996. The boats name was Hobany. My cousin could not say mahogany when he was a little guy. My dad passed in 2003 and my uncle got the boat.

Yellow and Brown

Had it for a few years and did not say a word that he had it up for sale. Sierra Boat had taken care of it all of its life and both family s shared the cost of up keep. When I found out that he did not offer it to other family, I was not happy. He did not want to deal with me or anybody. I showed the boat in 2 Lake Tahoe shows. Got a 6 th and 4th place. I asked Sierra Boats to contact me if it went up for sale again. I was sitting on the couch in May 2019 and a e mail. Mac at Sierra said today is your lucky day. So we went up to Lake Tahoe on June 10 th 2019 and took a sea trial and now it’s back in the family after 7 years where it should be. It has Gray Marine Fireball V-8 225 HP. I get emotional every time I take her out. We live up in Big Bear Lake CA.

Her original engine

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  1. Ollon
    Ollon says:

    Great story. We will keep an eye out for Hobany on the lake. We are between Boulder Bay and Papoose Bay. It doesnt look like we will have our show this year but hopefully a bunch of us can still get socially distant together and have a good day out there.

    • John D. Smith
      John D. Smith says:

      Hi. Ollon. Thank you much. Would love to see your boat and social distance. I have seen a few wooden boats early in the morning which is the best time. Lets get together. I am at a local marina in Metcalf Bay.

  2. Miles Kapper
    Miles Kapper says:

    Great story. Glad she’s back home! If I’m not mistaken I could swear there is a Chris Craft out there named “Mogony” or some such for the same reason, couldn’t pronounce the word back then. (I still can’t pronounce it correctly) Something tells me there’s even more out there!

    • John D. Smith
      John D. Smith says:

      Hi. Miles. Thank you much. She is back in the family. Its a tough word to pronounce. The smell of the wood is still the same as when I was 16. Lots of memories.

  3. Chris B
    Chris B says:

    Family you don’t choose them. Happy you managed to get it back. Wonderful to have to old woody.

  4. Scott Young
    Scott Young says:

    Hi John and Ollon.
    Neither our Chris Craft Pandemonium or our Thompson Splish Splash are in the water at Big Bear (Mallard Lagoon) this year, but we’ll keep an eye out for you guys.

  5. Dana Smith Cello
    Dana Smith Cello says:

    Well said John. Your perseverance paid off. So many wonderful family memories. Love you.

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