Holiday Cards! What A Disaster!

Santa’s Slay does weigh something.. thanks to  Bill Brindamour, AMS and Hagerty 
So.. we do the big story asking for wonderful images for folks Holiday cards.. And .. Cue the Crickets… Except for my trusty pals at Hagerty Marine Insurance.. Ya see, they are always there when you need them.. And I needed them. So.. They sent in some images of recent problems… So.. I made cards out off them ///Here goes. The First of the Classic Boat Holiday Cards .. From our Pals at Hagerty, who remind us all that a ton… couple tons, of damage happens during the off season.. Keep those policies live.. And send some images in..
Image Bill Brindamour, AMS
Image from McCrea Marine Surveyors
And this Card that Hagerty made……. Those darn elves are work’n hard now!
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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    "Holy Crap!" as Raymond's father used to say.

    Actually, I might copy one of these for my buddy who's covered slip roof rearranged his fly bridge a couple of years ago in an ice/snow storm.

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