Holiday Classic Boat Cards!

Heather and Chris Atwood out in there 2010 Home built Glen-L Zip Named First Born they built . The photo was taken at the 4th Annual ” Gathering” Of boat builders on Lake Nickajack, TN.. 

OK, this was no last gasp week.. I am shocked with the  little volume,.. BUT, we did get some good ones in yesterday thanks to those who took pity on me.. There I was flopping out in the breeze.. 1802 fans all shooting at me, and no Xmas card love..  But thanks to some… we have a story today.. And don’t bother feeling sorry for me.. It’s to late for that now.. I don’t need your cards anymore… WOW.. that was my wife channeling through my finger tips.. Sorry… Keep sending.. phew.. I am back now..  These are great..  

This in from Dan Ward of his first Woody.. Boat.. man those Woody Jokes never get old.. .. to me.. sorry.. Anyway..  its a 2010 20 footer ski utility made by Classic Craft. It has a hand laid fiberglass hull with Mahogany framing and deck.. Wait.. wait one minute.. Its a half woody.. thats an entirely new set of jokes.. Thanks Dan! 
This fun red and green one from Bob Kays.. This image was used for the Katz’s marina Holiday Card.. I like the concept.. 

And this last one that is more than a card idea.. As many of you know.. or not.. a couple years ago fellow Woody Boater Chad Durren rebuilt one of the nations finest utilities.. And he did it as a gift to his daughter Lily.. That was sweet enough.. But each year he takes a transom shot with Lily and the boat.. Imagine when she is 30 though.. Those photos will be priceless treasures.. Here are the first two.. Dang almost makes me want to have another kid, just so I can do this.. But my wife is pissed at me for my smart ass comment at the top of this story.. Ugh.. I can’t catch a break.. Thanks Chad!

Lily’s First Transom Shot..  
Lily’s second shot.. Wow what a difference a year makes..  Thats Chad on the left.. not Lily by the way..

Happy Holidays.. From WoodyBoater
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