I Am Speechless-ish

I feel like a…

I don’t know what to say for all your wonderful supportive words yesterday. I was not expecting that for sure. The the way I can explain the feeling I have right now, is being on a long trip, and just filled up with fuel, and had a good Pee! I have miles ahead of me. So today instead of more babble on my part. I will let your boats tell the story! Thankyou again from the bottom of my fuel bowl.

I feel it

I feel blessed

Yes we are

Says it all in one word

We make beautiful music together

It’s fun to be a…

You make it…

I know you think I am …

I feel..

Sometimes I say things!




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  1. Tracy Miller
    Tracy Miller says:

    Love the names people give their boats.
    Ours are: Miller High Life (new transom so we got to name her)
    Legacy and Chris’ Craft II
    the last two remain on the transom are we are honored to keep those names on those two beautiful boats!

  2. Niel
    Niel says:

    I am so relieved to hear you are feeling renewed, refreshed and reinvigorated!

    I was selfishly wondering how I was going to be able to start my day without Woody Boater and your erudite commentary.

    You and Woody Boater bring a breath of fresh, varnish scented, air to the antique boating community and in just a relatively few years have earned and “Illustrious” reputation.

    For my and all or our sanity, I am relieved!

    Thank you,


  3. woodydive
    woodydive says:

    You had us at “a good Pee”—

    I agree with Edward-
    One Special / Guest segment a week?

    We love you man!

  4. Rick
    Rick says:

    Matt if it wasn’t for all the pictures and stories of breakdowns and being towed in I would have given up on woody boating years ago. Every time Panther doesn’t start, go or has a dangerous fuel leak because of you I know I’m not alone. And that keeps me going. In addition your spelling keeps me entertained.

  5. Wilson
    Wilson says:


    Sorry I missed yesterday (today) Good to see DORK in the header… A great reminder of her owner, Wilbur Miller and his wife Dort. …I’m sure you heard the story…The transom painter was obviouslly hard of hearing but good ole Wilbur….said “What the hell, leave it as is.”

  6. Gary
    Gary says:

    Good to see a photo of “DORK”. I remember refinishing her back in 1980 here in the Keaton Boat Shop. I worked with Jack Keaton and remember Wilbur Miller in here all the time visiting as we built the Keaton Boats. Wilbur asked Jack if he would redo “Dork” but Jack told him that while he would not do it, he recommended me and my shop Classic Craft ® to refinish her using his shop space.
    Wilbur asked that I use the Buick Turquoise Fleet Enamel paint by Sherwin Williams. I was doing the refinish when my son was born and I remember all of us having a celebration inaugurating the boat and my son’s birth.

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