Is Pie The Woody Boat Of Food?

Mmm Roadtrip Pie!

Hey it’s July 4th weekend. And yesterday we broke a record for low readership. Woohooo, that means you are out actually living your life! Yes, this may be a slight off topic conversation, but I have this strange “gut” feeling that for some odd reason, Pie seems to just be a classic wonderful food, that seems to match our wonderful Woody Boats. Now, I am not including fiberglassics here. Those are more burger, hot dog type boats. Also very yummy. But pie just seems to fit for us here.

My Grandmother used to make Cherry pie from the Cherry Tree out back. Dang.

Why? I have some theories.

1. It’s a very simple dish, but very complex to do right.

2. A great pie is worthy of effort and makes everyone smile when it arrives.

3. It’s a special treat, desert, or weekend joy.

4. There always seems to be some old pie place on some of our wonderful lakes and rivers that we like boating.

In that dinner fridge out front!

5. Pies are from a vintage era and evoke wonderful memories.

6. Like our Woody Boats, pies only reason to exists is for a smile!

Kinda like a fiberglass bottom on a woody? Still great… But??? Something aint just right.

7. Without a good bottom, a pie just isnt right.

8. Pies are best when you are with friends and family.

9.  Dang, I cant think of two more reasons? Maybe its just the weekend and me being on a diet. Damit, now all I want is pie all day. Who writes this stuff? Oh wait.. Me. Dangit, again. I need a morning boat ride.

10. I told you I have no idea. Do you? Is it Ok to have pie for breakfast?

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  1. Bob from Mazeppa
    Bob from Mazeppa says:

    Pie is great for breakfast. Kristi made a great strawberry pie and rhubarb crisp this spring. Matt you are correct pie especially rhubarb pie is loaded with nostalgia and sugar.

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    We go for raspberry pie in Michigan at this time of year. Time for a boat ride!

  3. Briant
    Briant says:

    Before he was an alleged pervert, Bill Cosby did a bit about his kids begging for chocolate cake for breakfast….which he gave into as the cake has flour, eggs, milk etc and thus constitutes a healthy breakfast. Hilarious! Pie has the same sort of ingredients….flour, eggs, and a fruit filling often….sounds like a healthy breakfast to me!

  4. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Yesterday we were just discussing the merits of apple pie for breakfast. Either great minds think alike, or we have similar mental defects. I am going for the first one.

  5. MO Whaler
    MO Whaler says:

    Hummm . . Me thinks it’s not always the quantity of readers, but rather the quality of your readers . . Folks should eat dessert first so they have room for it . . Great header yesterday AND nice header today . . Thank You . .

  6. Bill Anderson
    Bill Anderson says:

    ok,, you figured it out,i am a meat and potatoe type of guy,but ii like pie and cake,so I have glass,aluminium, and also wood,,i love a smorgasboard haha but faith full daily reader,also the 4th we do our own boat show 10-5 for locals and public BILL

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      HA, Bill every time you go in that barn its a boat show! We have had the joy this weekend of feasting on Jimmys Fresh Beef. Jimmy is a cattle man and Dang! Makes the best steaks on the planet. The frezzer in the garage is packed with a half cow.

  7. Matt
    Matt says:

    Oh, thats good! Homemade peach pie.. AHHHHHH! I forgot about that. Also a huge fan of Peach ice cream.

  8. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Does anyone eat apple pie with sharp cheese on it like my grandparents use to do? I finally tried it when I was 10 or 12, its was great, maybe it was the boat we were on, a woody of course. Haven’t had it in 45 years or so. Too busy eating cherry pie if I’m going to have any. Pi r squared…no pie are round.

  9. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    A few years ago, a Canadian friend, Paul Gockle, who has a 25′ steamboat would invite us up for a ‘pie cruise’ on his steamboat each summer under one condition…the we bring a pie. And each time we’d bring one, we’d take the hatchet he used to split kindling and cut the pie and serve everyone their piece on the hatchet. Its a great tradition and there’s nothing like a pie cruise in a steamboat on any lake but especially Lake Joseph in northern Ontario.

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