It Can’t Be. Gary Beck Passes Away.


Our friend, Gary Beck

We have some very sad news to let our little close community know about the sudden passing of longtime fellow WoodyBoater Gary Beck. I was informed by his good friend and fellow Woody Boater Steve Moser.

One of Gary’s amazing mail box’s

At first I was confused. Is there another Gary Beck? I had just received a very nice gift for the Boatress and exchanged email. Like the day before. To quote Gary when I thanked him for the random act of kindness. “😊 you never know what might show up in the mail! “

Our first cool Mail Box

Gary always had something going on, and nice to say. A very positive person and made the world a better place. The random acts of kindness always was a reminder that humanity is a powerful force of good. I am still shocked. Gary would have been 63 this week. UGH..

Varnish Scented Candles – Professor Gary Beck of Beck Labs and The Woodyboaterville Institute of Incredibly Dumb Inventions. otherwise known as W.I.I.D.I.

Laugh all you want. It’s okay, Gary was my go to guy for Dumb Ideas. Okay, this doesn’t come off all that nice. But to Gary, this is high praise, and in our world, dumb ideas are the fuel for many laughs and joys.

You may recall meeting Gary at Mt Dora and Clayton. He was the master of cool Mail Boxes, cool engraved glasses and general fun stuff. And ALWAYS a great smile and fun to be around. Gary is, It’s hard to write was. He is here in spirit. Thats always the sign of a great person. Gary has an amazing family, And, and.. UGH.. I am just sad. What a sad loss.

Gary made a cool Corn Hole for us all


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  1. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P ) says:

    Man, He was younger than I am, Thats scary. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

  2. Mike Hagan
    Mike Hagan says:

    Was Gary the man who sold the etched glasses and Boat Bars?
    Always cost me a wad when I was in Dora.
    Great guy.

  3. Torben
    Torben says:

    So sorry to hear!! Gary and I just mailed three weeks ago and now this…so sad! Our thoughts are with the family! Such sad news! 🥺

  4. Steve in NJ
    Steve in NJ says:

    Gary was a huge asset to both our hobby and the world overall. He will be missed.
    As Henry Rollins said “It’s sad when someone you know becomes someone you knew.”

  5. Robert Rienzo
    Robert Rienzo says:

    What I shocker and I have 2 of his over sized mail boxers. He was great, we spoke from time to time about our families and came to my home once.
    My prayers to all of his family!

    Robert Rienzo

  6. Debbie Bossert
    Debbie Bossert says:

    Gary was a wonderful lake friend and his great smile would shine across the lake! Whenever and always as he drove by our dock( usually pulling his son or daughter) , he waved. And that always made us smile! He will be missed. The lake will never be the same without Gary. Our condolences go out to his everyone in his family.

  7. Ernie Bossert
    Ernie Bossert says:

    I can only wish to be a man like you Gary, I will miss you every day when I look at the lake. You made our life what it is today, strong family, good neighbors and a love for life.

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