It’s All Gone To The Dogs

Can we go back to the sofa now?

Between the woody boater website drama, and going on a vacation with three dogs, well.And since there doesn’t even seem to be anything good on ebay as a standby filler. We get dog shots. Hey, you said yesterday the dog shots were the best part of this train wreck? And dear god. Troy! you will have to go back into yesterdays comments for that one. I left it up, but like leaving a toilet seat up, its not a good look. HA. I was actually trying to figure out if it was bad, or not bad? Anyway, dog photos today.

Ruby who is 16 enjoyed some of the beach, but we had to cary her around.

Ruby loves the water and the Woody Boater life

She loves a boat ride

She is fearless, with Slim

Slim is a blob, and just wants and gives love

Mr B watching and being a life guard of sorts. The beaches here are insane perfect for dogs, and morning walks.