It’s Always Classic Boating Season Here At Woody Boater!

Over the last few weeks, Woody Boater has reported on News & Information (literally) from the World of Antique & Classic Boating including the USA, Canada, Norway, Sweden and even Argentina. Once we get some photos fellow Woody Boater Philip, we can add New Zealand to the list (Right Philip??). We can say that we are having lots of fun along the way and thanks to all our viewers for joining us along the way.

Here’s just a glimpse of a few stories we are working on for the next month-ish on Woody Boater…

We will also have a final wrap-up / update from Model 99 week, as information and photos continue to trickle in from around the country. We are also working on a fun story, or should we say “Shoot Out” between a classic V-8 Chris-Craft and V-8 Century, both from the same period.

So stay tuned to Woody Boater and join us as we try our very best to ignore winter… and you folks in Florida, we are thinking of you down there basking in the sunshine.

Matt & Texx

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  1. Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy
    Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy says:

    You should have a contest to just caption those pictures. Great header, can you do a story on that boat, er ship?

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      HA! – That’s perfect… Usually what I am thinking when I travel on the Harley-Davidson. Old school fart and I refuse to use a GPS when I ride, long story…

      • ranger
        ranger says:

        you not using a GPS doesn’t surprise us in the least…

        still marveling about you spending the night on a stranger’s pontoon boat that was parked in a motel’s parking lot when you couldn’t find a room in the south dakota…

        way to improvise there, woodylocks

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    Re: Todays Header

    “Captain lets take a turn around the harbor to see what the poor people are doing today. You know, the ones that have to do their own driving. I’ll be having a cocktail on the fantail if my mistress is looking for me. Oh, I just love being at sea.”

  3. Redbeardsraven
    Redbeardsraven says:

    Excuse me, but is that the space ship from planet of the apes. have they really done it…dam this winter all to hell….

  4. brian
    brian says:

    That craft in the header is stunning. Style and class topnotch. Cannot wait for that story.

    Design meant something back in those days – whether you talk of cars, boats, houses etc. Today, we just have garbage like a Hummer, a McMansion, and a wakeboard boat. All large and expensive to show us serfs that the owner has “made it” when in fact it shows that they are just wealthy people with no sense of style.

    There is hope though as every year we give rides in our 1930 runabout for the kids at my children’s school. The laughs and screams show that they’re having a blast but the images and sounds of a wood boat with a rumbling V-8 will stick in their noggins.

    It is my hope that one or two catch the bug and instead of buying a wakeboard boat or a boring Honda or Chevy, they will in fact look to history and enrich their lives.

    And they know great design when they see it for when a few of us pick up the kids from school in our classics, the kids stop and stare. It is the same with the wood boat. They’re standing in the river waiting for their turn and they just cannot help themselves but to touch and feel the polished wood.

    Perhaps the designers will wake up and design for the future of style rather than plop out the stuff that the marketing department thinks the world needs.

    And by the way – where is Whitefish ?

    • Paul H.
      Paul H. says:

      Whitefish is in northern Montana – near Browning, as a matter of fact.

      There is a fabulous ski area there, above what is a very nice little mountain town. I have been going there to ski for about 30 years.

  5. steve bunda
    steve bunda says:

    Whitefish Mtn, small world , my golf partner Bruce Clark, is a Ski instructer at Whitefish during the ski season. Afterward restores wood boats at a shop in Laona wisconsin during the summer.

  6. Texx
    Texx says:

    Steve – There are a few other Woody Boaters in the Whitefish area due to it’s proximity to Kalispell, Flathead Lake, Lady McDonald, etc. Our CC Continental friend’s Tim & Deb Salt live in Whitefish… Lucky guys!

    • Paul H
      Paul H says:

      That is also where Texx saw and I later bought Barnwood. There is a VERY active classic boating community up there. Stan Craft started out not more than 10 miles from Whitefish, and there was also Lee Craft making boats on Flathead.

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