It’s Lend A Hand Week. Wait, It’s Monday? Right?

Miss Ineeda has come out retirement to help.

You are not alone with not really sure what day it is anymore. After all spending all this time at home is confusing to the old life clock. The good news is I am getting a ton of stuff done around the house I have wanted to do. And of course, sadly, many are home with no work. And small businesses like many of our communities suppliers are, vendors and restorers, brokers etc. So how can we help? After all we need all these folks. And they need you. So this week, whenever this is. We are going to feature, many in our community, and look for ways to help.

We have both kinds, Black and white. Like Country and western

As an example, We have made the inventory of SONS OF VARNISH T Shirts available now with 100% of the cost going to the Sunnyland Chapter to help out from the loss of income from the annual event.

Jaxon likes food.

This week will be all about the people that support us all here. large and small. Ways you can help lend a hand, and financial support.

mmmm, NOS parts, Pre Corona Clean

If you are sitting around, and you should be, now is a great time to order parts, catch up on things you wish you had time to do. Do a little at a time.

Mr Lonely!

We also want to make sure all our Sponsors know how grateful we are in this time in supporting us here, helping us keep us all informed, or uninformed and confused which is more likely. For any of you that have blown up your lungs on that ventilator idea.. We are sorry to your family, but not to mankind. Ya.. You needed to go.. Sorry.. Darwin at work..

It works on paper

At least we didn’t subject you all to the Shop Vac Lipo invention we created to win the diet challenge. Which by the way.. YA.

It was SOOOOOOOO good!

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  1. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo says:

    It’s good to have you here to keep us relatively sane, a tough job for sure. Keep up the good work. Stay safe everyone.

    • Russ Sticha
      Russ Sticha says:

      I have found everything about our craft to be a great distraction! Yesterday I watched a great, nearly 2 hour long, youtube video on the 2019 Gull Lake Classic boat show. Highly recommend!

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    Ya, a little over the edge. but if you hooked yourself up to a V8 engine.. Well. BTW, – NETFLIX Tiger King! Just say’n….

  3. Gary Van Tassel
    Gary Van Tassel says:

    So, the weather is warm if a little foggy this AM in VA. Turned the water on the dock, plan to wash and commission the 13 ft Whaler and go for a boat ride. Also looking to better times, made all the necessary arrangements for a Maine vacation. Booked campsite on Long Lake with dock, etc. Will be going to join the Mountain View Woodies in their show in Naples in August and their cruise through the Songo Locks to Lake Sebago. Great time last year. Photos of the manually operated lock follow.

  4. CenturyMike
    CenturyMike says:

    Love the header, yellow pennant. As wiki say, yellow…stay away… stay very far away… I am thinking of flying them on my truck, house, boat, boathouse, workshop… not that I am anti-social but sign of the times 🙂

  5. CenturyMike
    CenturyMike says:

    Wait, does that one boat in front of Argyle in the lock have a sliding board from the flybridge down to the stern? oh that is so cool..

    • G Van Tassel
      G Van Tassel says:

      Yes, I won’t tell you that it was a pontoon boat! I confess I have had lots of fun on Pontoon boats, no judgement here.

      There no yellow pennant in the code of signals. It looks like a pennant, but maybe that is the angle of the shot. A yellow square or “Q” flag is a signal from a ship requesting “Free Pratique” as there is no disease on board! I wonder if Matt can be trusted or does Sweet Pea need to proceed to immediate quarantine anchorage. Just Saying. Oh wait, we are all in some sort of quarantine anchorage.

  6. Mark quarentined in Ohio (wishing he was in the U P )
    Mark quarentined in Ohio (wishing he was in the U P ) says:

    Keep up the good work Matt. Keep sending in those comments and pitcures guys. Its things like this that get people through times like these. Babes. Boats, Beer, old parts. They are all interesting to us. Even off the wall stories. Keep em coming.

  7. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    That Mr. Lonely pic is me alright…but girlfriend and I are just home for the day after hanging out on the boat for days in self imposed Going Boating exile…how lucky we are for a great liveaboard boat, wide open spaces at home…and fresh air on the Bay! Best to all…

    John in Va….heading back

  8. Troy in Fl
    Troy in Fl says:

    Not getting anything done at home since we are still in Tavares.

    Temporary docks are still here, but pretty quiet.

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