It’s Mr B’s-irthday!


Mr B. B is for Bruiser. 8 Weeks old

Today we all celebrate Mr B’s 1st Birthday! Yup. He is one year old, and brings a smile to my face every day, hour, minute. He has become a great little sidekick, always ready for a boat ride, car ride. Barks at all the gals.. or guys, squirrels, birds, blowing leafs. I read a quote about poodles, of which he is 49% according to DNA. “The Brains Of Einstein and the sense of humor of the 3 Stooges”  NAILED IT!  Anyway, today is his big B Day, and wants to see some of the other Miss B’s, Mr Buddies, Miss Babes, and Woody Barkers.

He has been at the railway since we got him

Been a brown noser from day 1

Been there each morning while writing Woody Boater

We had to pen him in before the fencing went in

Loves the snow

Hanging out

Saw duster

Watching for B-irds

He loves him some mud

Rides in the Truck

Sweet Pea

Hey, where are you?

Lets play

Ya! that cushion had it coming

Running the Railway

He has super powers

Mr B caused some “Issues” With the Chris Craft Club. To me, one of my favorite ads, but not the CCABC.

Swimming in the Bay

Loves a B-oat ride

Swimming at the Railway


Every morning.

The day he … well, B-alls

He has his own boat now.

Always there

He is our official lifeguard

Ready to help.

Haircut. Too much saw dust, wood chips, and other stuff.. Sorry Mr B..

He Pee’s less now on people.

Hi hair is growing back!

Happy B Day Mr B!


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  1. Don Palmer
    Don Palmer says:

    Great photos of Mr B! We all love him. Here is a picture of our two dogs. We just got a new puppy a week and a half ago. Our yellow lab, Brody, was so sad after his friend of many years went on to doggie heaven. We had to get another dog for him. The new pup is a mini goldendoodle. Brody was so happy he was doggie dancing around the yard!

  2. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    I always knew “Mr B” as Bob Sloan in Katy, Tx, (I think) who specialized in parts and repairs of Chris Craft Model B Hercules motors. And thankfully, Jim Staib of bought his inventory to keep the ball rolling for owners of those motors. Great you could keep “the name” alive in his honor as far as I’m concerned.

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