It's Sunday In Woody Boaterville. I'm Going Fish'n.


From time to time I am reminded that these treasures that we love and pamper are just boats. I’m going fish’n…. Wait. Only 27 days til Mt Dora. Dear God. Were is that varnish? And , hey, watch out for those fish scales, and, oh crap! The anchor line is rubbing on the covering boards. oh no…..

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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Nothing like goin’ fishin’ to relax from the intensity of goals that seem to fog the mind at times. Stepping away from them for a day or two helps us to realign and get all the ducks back in a row again.. What better way than to enjoy another aquatic activity. Look out fishies!!!

    A while back we got our daughter a pet fish. It was a Tiger Oscar that lived quite a few years in a fairly large aquarium. We all grew to like the creature, it would respond when you gave him some attention. I think he kind of liked us too. The fish learned to get our attention by banging the heater tube against the tank with his tail and we responded. He liked our company. As with most pets, he died eventually. We actually had a funeral for him.

    That little experience almost cured me of going fishing ever again. I thought if that Tiger Oscar could have personality what about the rest of those fish? It took a few years to realize that it’s actually ok as long as I don’t get to know them personally.

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